It’s pretty obvious that we love emoji here at Brit HQ. From keeping up to date with the latest releases (finally, the almighty taco has arrived!) to fab fashion finds and even a DIY or two, emoji make us smiley face thumbs up every single time. So when we found out that you could order takeout using these little graphic nuggets of joy, we were beyond excited. Fooji (food + emoji), is a food-ordering service that’s here to make takeout woes a thing of the past. Because let’s be real: After a long day, even talking on the phone to order takeout can feel like a chore. Now, with just a few taps on your smartphone, you can get dinner ordered without having to use or speak any words. Technology FTW.


To order, Fooji users create an account linked to their Twitter and then tweet a food emoji to @gofooji. Pizza? No prob. Tacos? Yassss! After you order, Fooji will then locate a top restaurant in your area with a menu item that matches your emoji. For just $15, you get an emoji-powered delivery straight to your front door. This is perfect for those indecisive peeps (#guilty) who take longer than the delivery time to decide on their preferred grub.

The app, which is still in beta testing, is set to launch in NYC this month and hopes to expand to other cities ASAP. They aim to pick up new users by offering discounts and deal offers. To keep things interesting (and delish), they’ll pair up a new restaurant with an emoji each week.


Now that you’ve gotten all the deets, let’s just say what everyone is thinking: How do you know if you will like the food? Sure, not knowing the restaurant and not being able to customize your order can be a scary thing (especially for those with food allergies/preferences), but isn’t the simplicity of it all something to love? Picture equals food, and food equals dinner. We kinda dig how this technology is simplifying our busy, busy lives.

What do you think about Fooji? Would you use this service? Let us know in the comments below!

(h/t via Eater)