The emoji evolution just won’t stop. After announcing that new emoticons from a clown face to an avocado *could* be joining our smartphone’s keyboard next year with Unicode 9.0, the Unicode Consortium went and spilled some happy news today that the previously teased Unicode 8.0 emoji have been approved. Knock-off middle finger emoji, you’re so last month because the taco emoji has risen.

taco emoji

The Emojipedia revealed the tech breaking news that 37(!) new emoji characters have been approved for Unicode 8.0 and will be released tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow (it’s only a day away). The new keyboard characters that will be popping up on iOS, Android + Windows devices relatively soon include the taco (obviously) and the accompanying burrito, a hot dog, a turkey (ready for Thanksgiving social media overuse), a Unicorn head (why not), rolling eyes face and so many more.

Excuse our overreacting (we’ve just been waiting so long!) + allow us to come back to Earth as we read that fine print. According to the Emojipedia “support for these new emoji characters rely on future updates from platform vendors.” So basically it’s time to keep checking that software update tab in the settings of your phone endlessly for a taco — and popcorn, burrito, cheese wedge, etc — delivery for your emoji-loving heart. Make it STAT please, engineers <3

How excited are you about the taco emoji finally becoming a reality? Share that thrill with us in the comments.

(h/t Eater, photo via Emojipedia)