While we’re *still* not used to finding emoji on the new keyboard and are kinda salty that there **still** isn’t a taco emoji, that hasn’t stopped our obsession with all things emoji. Jewelry, costumes, you name it — we love it. Next up on the list: emoji clothing. Scroll through to see 15 pieces we’re loving.


1. 100 Tee ($11): All we have to say about this tee is that we give it a 100% on the awesome scale. ‘Nuff said.


2. Ghost Sweater ($390): Okay, we’ll admit that the price for this sweater is a little lot outrageous, but if you’re willing to drop the big bucks to expand your emoji closet, we think this one’s a must.


3. Multi-Emoji Scarf ($232): Again, if you’re willing to splurge on something totally wow-worthy, you definitely need an emoji scarf. Because… why not?


4. Lips Sweatshirt ($48): What can we say? We’re in LOVE with this sweatshirt. It’s sure to have everyone oohing and ahhing.


5. Emoji Muscle Tank ($25): Muscle tanks are the perfect top to sport during the summertime. What makes it even better? Obvi when it’s covered in smiley face emojis.


6. Emoji Stud Earrings ($10): Sooo, this isn’t clothing, but we couldn’t pass up these emoji stud earrings for just $10. Yes, please!


7. See No Evil Crop Top ($23): We’re avid users of the the “See No Evil” emoji trio. But add a few flower crowns to them? We are *so* buying this.


8. See No Evil Sweatshirt ($25): Again, this trio has our hearts. We’re likely to buy anything that has them on it.


9. Cropped Emoji Sweatshirt ($60): Pair this cropped sweatshirt with a pair of high-waisted jeans or shorts for a quirky look that everyone will <3.


10. Kissy Face Necklace ($8): A kissy face necklace that’s less than $10. Need we say more?!


11. 100 Sweatshirt ($45): The best part about this sweatshirt? You can get matching joggers and score major style points.


12. Emoji Joggers ($16): If you’re on the hunt for a pair of joggers that are completely outrageous, snag this pair for just $16. We think you can (kind of) tone them down with a simple black top and neutral shoes.


13. Poo Sneakers ($88): Poo sneakers?! We were shocked too when we discovered these, but couldn’t have been more thrilled. *adds to cart*


14. Moon Tee ($18): We definitely LOLed when we saw this. Who doesn’t love a fun graphic tee? Especially when it consists of emoji.


15. Emoji Leggings ($78): Looking to up your legging game? Take a walk on the wild side with these crazy, emoji-covered leggings.

Do you own any emoji clothing? Share your faves in the comments.