Our late-afternoon snack routine is feeling a little bit stale. Sure, we’ll never tire of bananas and trail mix, but lately we’ve been craving a treat that goes beyond the standard grocery store staples. Thankfully, next month’s Re:Make will feature a slew of delicious options ranging from boozy ‘mallows to a syrup with serious kick. Whether you’re hoping to get a head start on your holiday list or just stock up your office desk with new treats, we’ve compiled 11 of our favorite options you’ll want to keep a watch out for as you shop:

cookies and cream marshmallows

1. Cookies and C.R.E.A.M. Marshmallows ($7): Check out this boozy take on cookies and cream with chunks of chocolate cookies, vanilla bean marshmallow and Bailey’s Irish Cream. Who says ‘mallow madness has to end with summertime s’mores?

Macaron Variety Box

2. Macaron Variety Box ($30): We’ll never tire of this girly treat. With flavors like Mexican hot chocolate and Earl Grey meyer lemon, you’ll definitely want to scoop up a second box.


3. Cayenne Caramel Corn ($8): For those times when you’re craving something sweet AND spicy, reach for a big bag of this caramel corn. Dusted with cayenne, the extra heat is a nice balance to the sweetness.

Hangover Preventative Cocktail Fortifier

4. Hangover Preventative Cocktail Fortifier ($13): Step aside, ginger ale: Fick’s is taking over. This cocktail fortifier has vitamins, antioxidants and electrolytes to help combat that awful morning-after feeling. You can thank us later ;)

The Filthy Pig

5. The Filthy Pig Brittle ($7): What do you get when you combine bacon, pecans and bourbon? The tastiest and booziest brittle around. NOM.

Nana Joe's Granola Sampler

6. Granola Sampler Pack ($15): We like to eat granola… with just about everything. If you’re like us, then you definitely need to grab a sampler pack of some of our favorite granolas for your breakfast topper or midday snack attack.

Owl's Brew pink & black

7. Pink & Black Cocktail Mixer ($10): Say hello to your new favorite drink mixer. This handcrafted mixer is a blend of black tea, hibiscus, lemon peel and a bit of strawberry. Just add your favorite liquor and enjoy!

Lemonage A Trois

8. Lemonage à Trois Marshmallows ($7): Fresh-squeezed lemon juice, lemon zest and Limoncello make up these tart temptations. Try them in a s’more for tangy twist on a summer dessert!

Granola Bar

9. Granola Bar six-pack ($26): These ain’t your normal grocery store granola bars. Made with granola and spice and everything delicious, they are perfect at combatting hanger.


10. 100% Pure Maple Syrup – Grade A Medium Amber ($15.99): Meet your breakfast pancake’s new BFF. With it’s rich maple taste, you’ll find yourself pouring this sweet syrup on… just about everything.


11. Srirachup Sauce ($8): Ketchup with a kick! This tasty combination of early girl tomatoes and housemade Sriracha gives your old ketchup a fiery kick goodbye.

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