Happy National Trail Mix Day! (Yep, that’s a holiday…) Time to get snackin’. The beauty of trail mix is that you can put just about anything in it and it’ll still taste pretty darn good. But with all that freedom, sometimes you wind up staring at your cabinet with no idea where to start. These 20 recipes will get your mouth watering and your creative juices flowing so you can celebrate this totally random, and totally awesome, holiday right!

1. Tamarind Trail Mix: This savory mix features dried mango, coconut, nuts, and cilantro and is spiced with cayenne pepper, cumin, coriander, honey, brown sugar, tomato and tamarind. Yum! (via Kitchen Konfidence)

2. Monkey Munch: Four little monkeys jumping on the bed? This gluten free trail mix is sure to get them all munching. (via 24 Carrot Kitchen)

3. Hazelnut Mocha Trail Mix: Chocolate covered coffee beans make this the perfect mix for the caffeine fiend. Stash some in your desk for a 4 PM pick-me-up. (via The Wannabe Chef)

4. Popcorn Trail Mix: Two of our favorite go-to snacks are popcorn and trail mix. Why not put them together? (via Good Life Eats)

5. Spicy Honey Mustard Trail Mix: Spicy peanuts meet honey mustard pretzels in this delicious and complex-tasting, but actually super simple, snack. (via The Peanut Butter Boy)

6. Superfood Trail Mix: Featuring goji berries, walnuts, and more, this mix unites seven superfoods designed to give you a boost of energy and nutrients. (via Anytime Health)

7. Quinoa Chivda: This trail mix uses puffed quinoa as its base and the result is a light snack you can munch on all day long. (via Vegan Richa)

8. Trail Mix Granola: Part trail mix, part granola, all awesome! This treat could be eaten as a snack or served with milk at breakfast. (via Kitchen Confidante)

9. Ellu Bella: A traditional snack for Kannadiga families, this mix features peanuts, coconut, and jaggery. (via Just Homemade)

10. Sweet and Spicy Wasabi Trail Mix: The wasabi peas add a spicy kick that serves as a nice complement to the sweetness of the dried cranberries. (via Savoring the Thyme)

11. Autumn Snack Mix: The leaves are starting to change, school has started back up, and the weather is starting to get a little cooler. Fall’s underway! This trail mix captures the flavors of the season with pumpkin seeds, dried apple, caramel, and cinnamon. (via Heat the Oven to 350)

12. Pumpkin Pie Spiced Trail Mix: Speaking of fall, have we mentioned how much we love the taste of pumpkin pie? Whether it’s in our fro-yo, our cocktails, our lattes, or, you know, our pie, we can’t get enough. This pumpkin pie-inspired take on trail mix is getting us pumped for pumpkin season :) (via Beard + Bonnet)

13. Lentil Trail Mix: Lentils are chock-full of fiber and protein, making this trail mix perfect for a long hike or a post-workout snack. (via Nutritious-n-Delicious)

14. Banana S’more Popcorn Trail Mix: Give us some more s’mores! This treat combines the flavors of s’mores with banana chips and popcorn and the result is epic. (via Big Bear’s Wife)

15. Spiced Nut and Cranberry Mix: Make your own spiced nuts and let their complex flavors play off some tart dried cranberries for a great pick-me-up. (via Maple Chutney)

16. Breakfast Trail Mix: Great for kids or kids-at-heart, this mix combines cereal with more traditional trail mix fixin’s (nuts, dried fruit) for a yummy combo you can eat in the morning or all day long. (via Cooking with My Kid)

17. Sour Cherry Trail Mix: The dried sour cherries are definitely the centerpiece of this combo and for good reason — they’re delicious! Just add some nuts and chocolate chips to round out your mix and get snacking! (via Foodie Reflections)

18. Nut Love Trail Mix: Nuts, spices, and dried mango and papaya combine to create a delicious mix that you can make at home for way less than comparable store bought versions. Score!(via Cake on the Brain)

19. Halloween Trail Mix: Boo! Did we scare you? This trail mix is scary good, with classic Halloween treats like candy corn alongside trail mix staples like pretzels and peanuts. (via See Evanessa Craft)

20. Road Trip Trail Mix: Your favorite road trip snacks take center stage in this yummy treat. Featuring Chex Mix, Bugles, M&Ms, and more, this is the ultimate way to keep everyone in the car happy on a long drive. (via Blooming on Bainbridge)

What’s your favorite take on trail mix? Got any killer combos we should know about? Talk to us in the comments below.