A welcoming foyer isn’t just about making a good impression on your guests — it has a big effect on your own mood too. Think about how you feel when you come home to mounting bills, crumpled receipts and a pile of shoes. So not relaxing, right? Here are some stylish must-haves for a warm and hospitable entryway that’ll make for a happy (and organized) homecoming.

1. Jonathan Adler Santorini Artemis Vase ($35): We fully agree with Jordan Ferney’s advice on using flowers and plants for a brighter entryway. A vibrant vase like the ones pictured are a great addition. And if you’re not always able to keep fresh blooms around, these gilded beauties are a work of art on their own.

2. Nook Console ($499): This is a legit piece of furniture to invest in, featuring stained walnut veneer, antique brass hardware, two drawers and several open shelves just waiting to be styled.

3. Wall Art: A room (and foyer) isn’t complete without some wall art. Lucky for you, there are lots of inviting prints to be found in the B+C Shop, like the very appropriate Mi Casa Es Su Casa ($15) and the sunny Breezy Rider ($45).

4. Tube Top Lamp ($125): Speaking of sunny colors, one store you can always count on for plenty of pigment is Poppin. They have these acrylic dimmer lamps in a range of colors that are sure to brighten up the room even when they’re not turned on.

5. Reclaimed Wood Hook Rack ($68): Some space-saving wall hooks are ideal if your home doesn’t have so much a foyer as a glorified hallway. (Yup, there’s still plenty you can do in those smaller spaces.)

6. Letter Holder ($10): There’s a time and a place to address the mail, but it doesn’t have to be right when you walk through the door. Sort the letters in this beautiful rose gold holder and then take a breather, keeping your responsibilities in sight but not in focus.

7. Entryway Bench ($202): For a more budget-friendly storage option, we heart this polka-dotted hardwood bench. It’s complete with sliding doors for stowing all your winter accessories.

8. Key Cabinet ($35): No more panicked “Honey, where are my keys?!” moments in the morning.

9. Shoe Bench ($160): We know the footwear situation in the foyer can get totally out of control when you’re busy. This stylish rack gives you a place to tie your laces and hide up to six pairs of shoes.

10. Hallway Organizer ($30): Here’s another, more minimal option for corralling keys, grocery lists and takeout menus.

11. Wall Frame Set ($40): Don’t forget the most important part of decorating the home: personalization. Throw some family (or doggy) photos into this frame for unique wall art.

12. Coat Tree ($199): If floor space isn’t an issue, a sturdy coat rack will do the trick. Emphasis on sturdy, by the way. The last thing you want is a pile of too-heavy coats on the ground!

13. Reclaimed Wood Catchall ($68-78): A place for everything and everything in its place… or at least that’s what you want your visitors to think when they step inside. If the price is a little too steep on these compartments, we’re sure you could DIY a similar catchall.

14. Handmade Hamper ($100): Everything at Lauren Conrad’s The Little Market is handmade by artisans from around the world, including this hamper. Created by women in nine Senegalese villages out of millet stalks and recycled plastic, it’s a colorful, textured storage option for a front room.

15. Bell Flush Mount Lamp ($60): Odds are, the ceiling hardware that came standard with your place is hideous. Replace it immediately with something more modern — nothing jazzes up a room like a little gold.

16. Essential Diffuser ($28): Just like with a perfume or cologne, choosing a scent for the home is a delicate balance. Some candles can overwhelm, but one whiff from the garbage disposal and your first impression is ruined. Opt for an essential oil diffuser instead for consistent aromatherapy.

17. Clock ($24): Foyer decorations can be useful and cheerful, as with this Alice in Wonderland-ish tick-tock clock that’ll get you out the door on time.

18. Pressed Glass Photo Frame ($18-32): Of course you can use these for even more photos, but another charming way to personalize the entryway is to use these glass frames to display pressed ferns, wild flowers or feathers.

19. Rectangle Lacquer Tray ($39): Mail, keys and loose change do not make for a very tidy entryway. You can significantly improve the appearance of the place by keeping all your bits and bobs contained in one of these decorative trays.

20. Cubby Organizer ($149): Feel like you’re running a hotel sometimes? The cubby system is pretty genius for the family that’s always on the go. A few compartments per person keeps everyone on top of their activities without making a mess, which is key to a good lobby — uhh, we mean foyer.

21. Mirror: What’s a looker like you going to do just before heading out the door? Check yourself out, obviously. We’re always in favor of big bold colors, especially in this room where you’ve gotta to start the day off right. The Hi-Gloss red mirror goes for $179, but you can score a similar Shadowbox style for only $13.

What are some must-haves for your foyer? Tell us your essentials in the comments.