We know getting to the gym is not always an option. Vacation, work, dinner dates, an episode or six of Orange is the New Black sucked you into the couch. Or maybe you just need some motivation to get moving. Well, if you have a smartphone (so yeah, we’re talking to you), a workout is just a couple clicks away no matter where you are or how much time you have. Download these 12 free fitness apps and get that hot bod you’ve been manifesting. You might not even have to change out of your jammies, but a cute workout top never hurt anyone.

1. Nike Training Club: The hot bods of Nike’s pro athletes like Maria Sharapova and Allyson Felix might be reason enough to make this app number one on our list of best free fitness apps, but the option to pick the length, level and goal of your workout are what make it really killer. (Free on iOS and Android)

2. Daily Yoga: Now you can practice your downward dog and mountain pose at home. Not sure your feet are turning in the right direction for eagle pose? Reach out to the app’s community support for help. (Free on iOS, Android and Windows)

3. Map My Run: If running a half or full marathon is on your to-do list, Map My Run is the app for you. Find running routes in your neighborhood or track every running stat you could ever want, from your average pace to how many calories you’ve burned. (Free on iOS, Android and Blackberry)

4. Pocket WOD: Wondering what all the fuss is about CrossFit? Try out the WOD, or workout of the day, on this Crossfit app. (Free on iOS)

5. Moves: Not ready to invest in a fitness tracker? Just download Moves, slip your phone into your pocket or bag and the app does the rest. It tracks each step you take so you can track your activity and calories burned — no bracelet or gadget needed. (Free on iOS and Android)

6. Daily Ab Workout: You’ll never be bored doing crunches again! This app that lets you choose a different five- to 10-minute ab routine every day. (Free on iOS)

7. Strava: If taking a ride on two wheels is more your style, try Strava — an app for all things cycling. Using your phone’s GPS, it tracks your rides and compares your times to other riders, including your friends! (Free on iOS and Android)

8. Bing Health & Fitness App: For those on a Windows phone, Bing Health + Fitness App has you covered for workout ideas, diet tracking and step counting. Remember when we teamed up with Bing and brought the app to life? (Free on Windows)

9. SworkIt: Create a custom interval workout based on which body parts you want to work and how much time you have with SworkIt. Link your SworkIt account with your Facebook and Twitter accounts to challenge your friends. (Free on iOS and Android)

10. Hot5: This app is pretty enough to make you want to come back to it day after day… either that or the Hot5 coaches. (Free on iOS)

11. Sleep Time: You’ve heard it from mom, grandma and now us: Getting enough sleep is key to living a healthy and fit life. This app can help make sure you’re getting enough quality sleep by tracking your sleep patterns and waking you up during your lightest sleep so you’re ready for your early morning workout when the alarm rings. (Free on iOS and Android)

12. Starters: With just 10 minutes every morning, you can get in the best shape of your life. Staters delivers a new workout routine to your phone every morning to help you start your day right. And if you’re the social sort, you’ll be happy to know the app lets you check in and see how your friends are doing with their fitness goals, and they can keep an eye on you, too. Peer pressure, much? (Free on iOS)

Have you used any of these fitness apps? Have a favorite fitness app we missed? Let us know below!