Last week, we teamed up with Bing to host a seriously awesome yoga night to celebrate the launch of the new Bing Health &  Fitness App on Windows 8.1. The evening included yoga, lots of energizing treats, and it was so much fun to meet local DIYers, bloggers, and fellow health nuts!

First up, let’s talk about Bing’s new Health & Fitness App.

Bing Health & Fitness is a one-stop shop for to, you guessed it, get healthy and fit! With almost 1,000 exercise videos, nutritional and medical references, and diet trackers all packed into one app, it will most definitely help you meet your wellness goals. The app is currently available on Windows 8.1, and looks mighty fine on a Surface if we do say so ourselves.

The way this app took shape in the class is something straight out of the Jetsons. We simply plugged our Surface into a projector, fired up the app, and had a full-fledged yoga class projected on the wall.

Before we started flexing our downward dog muscles, attendees stocked up on brand new yoga mats, headbands, towels, water bottles and other fun goodies.

Brit introduced the class, and away we went! Not only did we have a virtual instructor projected from the app, we had a real live instructor, Ellie Bowman from The Pad, who walked around and helped people with the poses.

Definitely a fun way to spend a Tuesday night, especially to meet and hang with fellow health-minded folks from around San Francisco.

After class, everyone enjoyed all sorts of yummy homemade treats, created by Francesca here at Brit + Co.

Fresh fruit, energy bites, and smoothie shooters, oh my!

All in all, it was a great night celebrating a great new launch. Cheers to Bing Health & Fitness! Share your experience of Bing on Windows 8.1 using hashtag #ThisIsBing.