If you already love vegetables, there鈥檚 no shortage of the ways you can enjoy them. You don鈥檛 shy away from root veggies like parsnips, and there are always some聽in your smoothie. Heck, sometimes you even skip meat altogether in favor of vegetarian meals. But the easiest way to convince skeptics that they鈥檙e the best part of any meal is to serve them fried to a crisp (and hopefully with a tasty dip of some kind). These 16 fried vegetable recipes will make converts out of anyone who鈥檚 used to skipping veggies at dinner.

1. Tempura Fried Eggplant: If your only experience with fried eggplant is eggplant Parmesan, you鈥檙e in for a treat. Inside a crispy tempura shell, this eggplant is creamy and smooth, a textural interplay that鈥檚 hard not to love. (via Oh My Dish)

2. Japanese Shredded Vegetable Tempura: This could be the best use ever of scraps. Shredded or thinly cut veggies are dipped in tempura batter, and then fried until crispy and utterly snackable. (via Chopstick Chronicles)

3. Deep-Fried Squash Blossoms and Sage Leaves: You might think delicate, fried squash blossoms are the star of this dish, but you鈥檇 be wrong. Sage leaves are fried along with the blossoms, lending a woodsy, piney flavor that can鈥檛 be beat. (via Sugar Loves Spices)

4. Broccoli Tempura: Dip it in some salty soy-ginger sauce to balance out any of the broccoli鈥檚 lingering earthy flavor. (via The Circus Gardener鈥檚 Kitchen)

5. Garlic Scape Tempura With Goat Cheese Dip: Make the most of spring produce with this appetizer of tempura-fried garlic scapes. Goat cheese dip helps balance each bite. (via Katie at the Kitchen Door)

6. Spicy Red Curry Cauliflower: Red curry makes for a tangy, warmly spiced dish that鈥檚 even better when dunked in fresh green chutney. (via Minimalist Baker)

7. Beer Battered Mushrooms With Green Tea Salt: Mushrooms are seasoned with green tea salt, and then served with a citrusy-hot yuzu + wasabi mayo that cuts through the richness of the crispy batter with ease. (via Belly Rumbles)

8. Fried Green Beans: Your days of pairing burgers with French fries are over. One taste of these crispy fried green beans and you鈥檒l never feel dependent on potatoes again. (via Give Recipe)

9. Honey Chili Fried Lotus Stems: Imagine your favorite potato chips kicked up 10 or so notches. That might bring you a little closer to these crispy, sticky fried lotus stems, which are tossed with a tangy honey and ketchup sauce that makes them utterly irresistible. (via MM鈥檚 Kitchen Bites)

10. Cornmeal Fried Okra: A crispy cornmeal coating gives way to a soft interior, each bite a little taste of Southern decadence. (via The Blond Cook)

11. Roman Fried Artichokes: Fried in olive oil, each artichoke becomes golden and crunchy 鈥 you鈥檒l want to wash them down with a chilled glass of white wine. (via Philos Kitchen)

12. Fried Shoe String Onions: Fried onions don鈥檛 always have to come in rings. Eat these on their own, or use them to top casseroles and pasta dishes for an added boost of flavor. (via Sprinkles and Sprouts)

13. Tempura Asparagus With Matcha Salt: Rice flour keeps this asparagus tempura *totally* gluten-free. Season with togarishi and matcha salt, then serve with a gluten-free tamari ponzu for added flavor. (via Snixy Kitchen)

14. Fried Zucchini: We鈥檙e always looking for new recipes to use up extra zucchini this time of year, and this one does not disappoint. (via Buns in My Oven)

15. Cheese Stuffed Onion Rings: Add new life to a classic fried snack by stuffing onion rings with gooey, melted cheese. A little aioli on the side and you鈥檝e got yourself an ideal snacking situation. (via Brazilian Flair in the USA)

16. Beer Battered Artichoke Hearts: Sometimes, you just don鈥檛 feel like cleaning entire artichokes. That鈥檚 when you鈥檒l be thrilled to have the recipe for these fried artichoke hearts on hand, which are so delicious you won鈥檛 even notice that they鈥檙e from a can. (via Perpetually Hungry)

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