If there’s anything we’ve learned from Instagram, it’s that #Hairspiration can come from just about anywhere. From our favorite chewy candies to summer bonfires, nothing is off limits — even our frapps have been translated into a hair craze! The latest hair color trend to pop up on social media is based on a breakfast favorite found in kid-friendly cereal bowls (and adults too, let’s be real): Fruity Pebbles!

Check out some of the best yabba-dabba hair doozies on the net in our roundup below!

1. Cereal Swirls: It’s not hard to see why hairstylist Amanda Gilkes’s multi-colored creation has gotten so much social media love: It’s absolutely gorgeous! According to POPSUGAR, she “dyed [her client’s] roots hot pink and added streaks of yellow, orange, and green” to achieve the look, leaving “the underside of the hair brown, which makes it look like the model’s mane has been enveloped in colorful cereal milk.”

2. The Bored and Beautiful: This client’s technicolor strands were a product of boredom, with the caption reading, “When you’re super bored so you take it out on your poor hair…” Still, the result is pretty great, no?

3. Peekaboo Pebbles: Ashley Sesso kept it mostly magenta on top, with peekaboo milk-swirled highlights peeking out from underneath.

4. Pint-Sized Color: This one was done on a six-year-old, proving just about anyone can pull off the look. Guess we know what she eats for breakfast!

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(h/t Bustle; photos via Ashley Sesso/Instagram)