In the last few years, our hair has seen a lot of trends come and go. From succulent hair to hair tapestries, our strands have seen it all. So, it’s probably no surprise that another outlandish hair trend has caught our eye — and let’s just say, it’s red hot! Phoenix hair is a thing, and it is pretty bonkers. Instababes across the net have been rocking a next-level style inspired by the feathers of the mythical phoenix, with layers of red and orange and hints of purple. Not impressed? Wait for it — this OTT trend glows in the dark! Prepare to be amazed by this daring ‘do below.

1. Fire Bomb: Let your strands spice up any ensemble in this show-stopping hair color combo. Touch up the roots with a purple hue for an extra-cool effect.

2. Fishtail Braid: When you have a killer hair color, it only makes sense to show it off with a next-level braid. Be sure to add a texturizing spray to really let the colors stand out.

3. Bold and Beautiful: Let those phoenix hues shine bright with straight, frizz-free hair in flaming shades of orange, pink and red. Create a deep side part for an extra-luxe look.

4. Long and Wavy: Turn all the heads with this fiery, multi-toned wave. Pair the bright yellow highlights with a bold red lip and a smokey eye for an epic date-night look your boo will never forget.

5. Bombshell Red Head: Curl your ends to make this orangey-blonde standout style look like literal flames. Keep your layers long to bring the red hot style to life.

6. Pink Goddess: If red isn’t really your thing, opt for a Barbie-approved pink shade instead. This color combo will have you feeling like a straight-up beauty goddess.

7. Glow in the Dark: Just when you thought phoenix hair couldn’t get any better, here it is blazing under a blacklight. Channel your inner ’90s club kid with a phoenix hair-and-statement tee combo that say don’t mess with this.

8. Curls for Days: If we could wake up with curls like this, we would totally be content with life. There’s no better way to brighten up your look than with a flaming pink base color accented with shades of orange. Keep your roots natural and your makeup matte to keep this style in cool-girl territory.

9. Short Hair Don’t Care: Short-haired gals can jump on the phoenix hair trend too! Section off some of your hair (be it bangs or shaved sides) to add a touch of unexpected color in hues of burgundy, marigold and orange. For added oomph, curl the tips to get maximum volume.

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