With summer in full swing, our Instagram feeds are blowing up with envy-inducing vacation snaps, not only from our friends but also from the handful celebs we follow. Reese Witherspoon and her son are currently hamming it up in the Bahamas, Katy Perry was just chilling in Santorini and most recently Gabrielle Union been sharing some super cute pics from her trip to China.

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Union is currently with her husband, Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade, while he鈥檚 touring China and debuting his new wine 鈥 but it鈥檚 not all business. Union has been Instagramming photos at art museums, super picturesque temples and tranquil gardens. And while the sites definitely look epic, we鈥檙e also eyeing her spot-on vacation attire. Simple, chic and easily interchangeable, Union鈥檚 outfits all manage not to look boring, but rather like a page out of an Everlane catalog.

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While some aspects of her and her husband鈥檚 trip may not be realistic for us common folk, Union鈥檚 style is super easy to copy. The key is to pick out relatively minimal garments and decided on a particular color scheme. Union seems to be wearing a lot of blue, black and white, all of which can easily be mixed up and worn together. If you need a little bit of inspiration, here are eight staples we recommend you bring on your next adventure.


1. A Denim Shirt ($40): Pop it on with a skirt or pants, or use it as a light jacket over a dress. If a denim jacket might be a little bit too warm, this classic staple is the perfect in-between.


2. A Trusty Pair of Jeans ($128): We don鈥檛 mean the pair that stretch out after you wear them for an hour or the pair that鈥檚 really too tight if you鈥檙e being honest. You want to be focusing on all the cool things you鈥檙e seeing, not an uncomfortable wardrobe situation, so be sure to bring that one pair that you always fall back on.


3. Some Classic Sneakers ($55): Converse are never a bad idea.


4. A Good Hat ($140): Because sometimes a ponytail just isn鈥檛 enough when your hair just is NOT working with that unfamiliar climate. Turn a bad hair into a cool-girl moment simply by popping on a stylish hat.


5. Denim Shorts ($26): Considering this style has been going strong since the late 鈥60s, we鈥檙e pretty confident you won鈥檛 be embarrassed to see yourself rocking these in all your travel photos 50 years down the line.


6. A Cross Body Bag ($98): Not only are cross body bags super practical, but they also offer some extra security if you鈥檙e exploring a dodgy area and worried about having your bag stolen.


7. A Comfy Pair of Sandals ($120): If you鈥檙e headed to a warm-weather destination, sandals are a must, but leave the ones that give you major blisters at home. Ain鈥檛 nobody got time for that when you鈥檙e meant to be sipping Pi帽a Coladas or roaming boardwalks.


8. A LBD: Whether you鈥檙e wandering around a swanky museum or headed to a fancy restaurant, bringing a classy little black dress is a super easy way to dress up without going too over-the-top.

Do you have a special vacation wardrobe? Share your secrets with us in the comments below.

(Photos via @gabunion)