Celebs have a funny way of making our summer vacation look as exciting as a trip to the grocery store. Whether they’re running around Italy with their daughter or sharing snaps of the view from their private yacht/jet, the rich and famous of Hollywood sure know how to travel in style. The latest celeb to give us a lethal dose of wanderlust? That award goes to Ms. Katy Perry.

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Over the past few days the singer has been sharing swoon-worthy photos on Instagram of her epic Grecian holiday in Santorini. Katy seems to be enjoying the city of blue and white with her family, including her older sister, Angela Hudson and her baby niece. While our summer holiday may not include accommodation on a yacht or breakfast in bed, there are definitely a few things we can learn from KP’s vacation style. If you want to copy the celebrity’s low-key summer wardrobe for your next adventure, here are three things to be sure to pack.

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1. A Casual Maxi: If you’re headed to the beach, this is a must. A long maxi is so easy to throw on and you won’t ever have to worry about that sea breeze unexpectedly showing all your travel buddies your behind. If you’re swooning over the tie-dye inspired print of Katy’s dress, copy the look using our DIY that gives white clothes a tie-dye effect using ice!

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2. A Day to Night Jumpsuit: Never underestimate the power of a jumpsuit. Wear it with some sandals while you’re out sightseeing and then pair it with heels when you hit the town after dark. Katy’s zigzagged jumpsuit is from Missoni, which definitely isn’t going to be the cheapest option. Instead save those euros for an extra night in the hotel and copy the bold colors and fun pattern with this alternative from Topshop ($68).

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3. A Unique Pedicure: Okay, so this isn’t necessarily something you can pack per se, but it’s definitely something you can do before you spend a week in sandals. Copy Katy’s super cool pedicure by using our nail art tutorial that shows you how to create this exact design.

Do you have any epic summer vacations planned? Share with us in the comments below.

(Photos via @katyperry)