Time to roll up those sleeves and roll into Camp Create: Week 2! In case you’re just joining us, we’re buddying up with friends during the month of August and belly-flopping our way into new skills, in the name of creativity and (of course) prizes. To join Camp Create, simply share photos of your creative pursuits on Instagram using hashtags #bcweekender and #iamcreative! This week is all about gathering ‘round the craft table with friends, just like you did in summer camp. Read on for grown-up variations to your favorite childhood crafts that’ll have you flashing back to simpler times. Can’t wait to see what you’re up to!


1. Pattern Play: A Coloring Book for Grown-Ups ($10): Our curated 78-page coloring book is filled with unique, modern, hand drawn illustrations by over 50 different artists, just waiting to be torn out and shared among friends.


2. Brass Wire Bracelet Kit ($20): Fact: Summer camp wouldn’t be summer camp without friendship bracelets. This set of three comes with enough supplies to make them for you and two of your pals.

Hand-Lettering E-Class-179

3. Hand-Lettering Basics Kit ($44): This kit complements our Hand-Lettering Basics Online Class, which will teach you how to write beautiful words and phrases and even make your own stationery to mail to loved ones.


4. Marbled Jewelry Tray Kit ($20): Another grown-up version of a childhood favorite: clay arts! Herein lies all the materials you need to make two marbled, gilded trays in your choice of four colors. The smell of oven-baked clay brings back some memories — that’s for sure.


5. Engraving 101: Custom Camp Mugs ($39): Everything you need to get the hang of engraving is right here in this kit! You can teach yourself, make your own personalized mugs for your next camping adventure and keep the engraving tool for future project add-ons. Next up: Mint Julep cups and an acrylic tray!


6. Wood Burning 101: Custom Pineapple Cheese Board ($59): Wood burning and a pineapple-shaped host of picnic-ready chevre? Summer is served. This 30-minute project is a great way for you and your friends to get comfortable wielding a wood-burning pen, and when you finish you can customize kitchen utensils to complete your picnic set!


7. Leather Stamping 101: Custom Coasters ($49): These leather coasters are the perfect canvas for a cheeky statement and a splash of color.


8. Metal Clay Necklace Kit ($20): Keep your clay game going strong with this hardware-store inspired kit, which lets you make three necklaces, three different ways.


9. Pressed Flower Coaster Kit ($29): Remember those pressed flower masterpieces you made with two sheets of wax paper, an iron and flowers from your yard? Same idea, turned into a set of four giftable coasters.


10. Wrapped Necklace Kit ($25): The mature older sister of those embroidery thread bracelets you and your friends made back in the day. Be sure to check out our tutorial walking you through three ways to make it OR come up with your own!


11. Calligraphy 101 Kit ($59): A skill that’ll make you excited to write hand-written notes! This kit is made to be paired with our Calligraphy 101 Online Class, and you’ll even get a discount for buying the two together.

How are you and your friends getting creative this month? Share your photos on Instagram with #bcweekender and #iamcreative for a chance to win a $100 gift card, a regram and a DIY Kit!