After an entire season of wedding after wedding (with still more to go), there’s no denying that many of us have been left pondering the layout of our own nuptials. One of the biggest details on our minds (besides finding that show-stopping dress): Nabbing ourselves the MOST swoon-worthy wedding cake. For your future wedding, why not get a little creative when it comes to choosing the centerpiece of this MAJOR life moment. Geode wedding cakes are trending and you should totally rock one (pun intended) for your big day. From jewel-toned desserts to cakes coated in gold, scroll on and get inspired by these better than jewelry wedding cakes.

1. Exposed Geode Cake: Take the less is more approach when it comes to selecting your big day dessert. This exposed layer cake is perfect for giving your geode confection a more natural style.

2. Turquoise Geode: Jewel tones are your jam. Give your marbled fondant cake an extra hit of drama by running a turquoise geode down all the layers of your lavish dessert.

3. Geode Cake Topper: Not really into the standard bride and groom cake topper? Give your wedding day dessert a modern flair with a simply sliced geode resting at the top of your pretty cake. Gold accents are key for giving this sweet confection that jewelry-like appeal.

4. Ocean Geode Cake: Planning on saying your I dos beachside? Add a mermaid aesthetic to your geode cake by mixing light and deep blue tones for that sea-inspired style.

5. Gold Geode Cake: This decadent dessert looks better than bling! Keep your cake frosting clean and simple to enhance the wow factor of your precious stone detailing.

6. Rustic Geode Cake: Pump up the rustic vibes of your geode-inspired dessert with some delicate floral touches. Adding on light florals is ideal for flawlessly tying your wedding decor look together.

7. Crystal Cake: It’s what’s inside that truly matters — and we’re not talkin’ about the flavor of the cake. Take a softer approach to your geode dessert by painting a design influenced by the rock’s stunning crystals, without the harsh outer look of the actual element.

8. Dark Tone Geode Cake: You’re not afraid to embrace your dark side. For your big day, skip the pretty pinks and pastels and opt for a crystal dessert with a theatrical essence. This deep jewel-toned design is sure to catch the eyes of ALL your wedding guests — when they’re not drooling over your dress, that is ;)

9. Modest Geode Cake: Display your love of geodes on the lighter side by mixing and matching the detailing of your cake. From crystal accents to watercolored layers, changing up designs is ideal for giving your marital cake that coveted bohemian vibe.

10. Black and White Geode Cake: Give your modern cake a classic appeal by sticking to the clean color palette of black and white. This modest design is great for couples that are seeking a unique cake that won’t steal the show.

11. Crystal Cake Topper: You’re all about a cake topper with some edge. Mix and match sultry emerald tones with some strong, angular crystal accents for a cake that takes wedding day drama to a whole other level.

12. Square Geode Cake: Sleek and shiny is the theme of the day. Give your wedding confection a high fashion aesthetic with a square-based cake coated with sparkly gold and crystal embellishments. Don’t forget that *gorgeous* topper!

13. Hidden Treasure Geode Cake: Turn your geode detailing into a hidden treasure. Give your classic floral wedding cake a tiny pop of crystal magic with a subtle side slit revealing precious jewels inside.

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