Dessert bars are all the rage at weddings. What if you want to break from tradition — whether you’re a non-traditional bride or looking to start a new custom of your own — but still want a wedding dessert that evokes the magic of a towering layer cake? You can still fill your sweet tooth craving and pay tribute to the classic tiered cake by stacking any number of your favorite sweet treats. Check out these 13 unique dessert towers that might look like cakes, but are far from ordinary. Even die-hard fondant fans will love these modern twists on the classic confection.

Brownie Tower

1. Brownie Tower: If you’re looking for a dessert that’s both cost-effective and easy to DIY, a brownie tower is the way to go. Have your family help make the brownies, and your florist can add a few extra stems for next to nothing. Dust on some powdered sugar to finish, and your guests will be drooling as soon as they walk in. (via Caught the Light / You and Your Wedding)

Cannoli Cake

2. Cannoli Cake: Pile cannoli from your favorite bakery on a tiered cake stand and await as a game of cannoli Jenga unfolds. Accent with fresh florals for a personal touch. (via Marilyn Duvall Photography / Wedding Chicks)

Cheese Wheel Ckae

3. Cheese Wheel Cake: No one says that your “cake” has to be sweet. Step outside of the box and try a unique cheese wheel cake. Layer your and your partner’s favorite cheeses from largest to smallest, decorate with fresh herbs and fruit, and serve with various spreads, honey and crackers. (via Paula O’Hara Photography / Bridal Musings)


4. Cheesecake Wedding Cake: Everyone loves cheesecake. So when you serve up a creamy tower of cheesecake perfection, your guests will probably freak. Top your cheesecake with different fruits so there’s something for everyone. (via John Alexander Photography / Emmaline Bride)

Donut Cake

5. Donut Cake: Brunch weddings have grown hugely in popularity over the last few years. This donut cake is perfect for an early-in-the-day wedding, and let’s be real, who doesn’t love a good donut? (via Emily Sacra Photography / The Budget Savvy Bride)

Donut Tower

6. Croquembouche Tower: Whether your wedding is French themed or you’re just looking for something out of the ordinary, a croquembouche tower is a fancy-yet-simple dessert that’ll leave your guests swooning. (via Ben Q Photography/ Design Love Fest)

Macaron Tower

7. Macaron Wedding Tower: Macarons were a HUGE trend in 2015, and that doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. We totally get why: You can easily match them to your wedding color scheme, and they come in tons of different flavors… even “cake!” (via Colin Murdoch Studio Photography / And so to Wed)


8. Meringue Tower: Meringues are a lovely, light dessert that would be perfect in a tower for a spring or summer wedding. If they seem a little too light to be your only dessert, pair them alongside a small cake in complimentary colors. (via Meringue Girls / Want That Wedding)

Ombre Cake Pops

9. Ombré Cake Ball Tower: Want all of the benefits of cake without having to fuss with slicing? Cake balls are the miniature solution to your alternative wedding cake needs. Try serving extras on platters around your cake for easy munching. (via Ashleigh Jayne Weddings / Brides)

Ombre Crepe Cake

10. Ombré Crepe Cake: Each layer of paper-thin crepe is topped with a varying shade of icing, until the top hue is almost undetectable. Not only is the flavor and texture out of this world, you won’t be able to stop looking at the ombre cake. (via Spanglish Studios / Wedding Chicks)

Pie Cakes

11. Pie Tower: A pie tower and a rustic wedding go together like peanut butter and jelly. You could order pies from your fave local spot, but bonus points if you can convince your grandma(s) to make them for you ;) (via Jose Villa Photography / Paper and Lace)

Rice Krispie Cake

12. Rice Krispies Cake: This nostalgic rice cereal tower might be the ultimate throwback wedding cake. Leave the outside naked so that everyone can see the crispy layers. (via Ashleigh Jayne Weddings / Burnetts Boards)

Waffle Cake

13. Waffle Cake: Even if you’re not having a breakfast/brunch wedding, you can totally rock the waffle cake. Just as long as you’re not afraid to get a little sticky (a little maple syrup never hurt anyone!). (via Becca Rillo Photography / The Frosted Petticoat)

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