No matter who you are, you have a certified “Monica Geller” in your life. They’re that one person in your life who loves to host, maybe loves to cook, but more than anything loves everything to be neat and tidy. As much as “neat freak” may seem to have a negative connotation, we’re here to say that’s its okay to be clean. In fact, why not celebrate your neat- freak friend by giving them some useful gifts that will keep their home sparkling? Trust us, they will thank you for it.

1. iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum ($375): The best gift is the one that keeps on cleaning. And it’s even better when your friend doesn’t have to lift a finger. They can simply push a button and watch this little robot pick up every little speck so they can enjoy floors so clean, they can eat off them. They won’t, though. It’s not in their nature.

2. Logitech Washable Wired Keyboard ($75): There’s always one person in the office who is constantly cleaning their keyboard, and for good reason. Those things can be total germ incubators! But your coworker’s job gets way easier and quicker with this handy, washable keyboard.

3. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo ($17): If there is one thing every neat freak deserves, it’s a life full of joy. Now they can follow the best guidelines for decluttering their space for a harmonious home.

4. Selric Bear Microfiber Mop Slippers ($12): Neat freaks who also love lounging around on Sunday mornings can mop the floors, make breakfast, and look downright adorable all while shuffling around in one pair of slippers.

5. E ECSEM Ladybug Mini Desktop Dust Cleaner ($10): Tiny messes don’t stand a chance against this darling little bug. It will sweep up dust and little crumbs in a flash for countertops and tables that are absolutely pristine.

6. Urban Outfitters Peachy Clean Bath Mat ($39): If anyone has a peachy clean bathroom, it’s the “Monica” in your life. Not only can they admire their immaculate oasis, they can decorate it too with this delightful bath mat.

7. LIFE Laundry Detergent Sheets ($10): Your neat friend loves clean laundry, but they hate messy detergent. These easy-to-use sheets eliminate the guesswork without any weird, “E-Z pour” spouts and completely dissolve in your wash, leaving nothing but clean clothes behind.

8. Audrie Designs “What Would Monica Do?” T-Shirt ($15): What would Monica Geller do? Well, obviously, she would clean her entire apartment. Then probably cook a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner. These are just some of the many reasons why you love your neat-freak bestie. She’s the Monica to your Rachel (and/or Phoebe).

9. Mele & Co. Rory Charging Station ($54): Your neat friend can keep their phone, notebook, and other desktop odds and ends all in one place without making their workspace cluttered with this beautiful charging station. It even has holes in the side to hide charger cords. Because no one likes unsightly cords.

10. Vigar Flower Power Pink Sink Side Set ($13): Cleaning doesn’t have to get ugly. Spruce up the kitchen sink with a charming blossom that scrubs away stains and looks pretty while doing it.

11. Verilux CleanWave Portable Sanitizing Travel Wand ($45): Sure, your friend’s airplane or hotel is clean, but is it really, really clean? This touch-free sanitizing wand makes sure of it by using UV-C light to kill 99 percent of germs.

12. Roots Wings Handmade “Nix The Kicks” Doormat ($34): You know that the number-one cardinal sin when going to your friend’s house is not taking off your shoes upon entry. Give them a break from having to remind their guests to “nix their kicks” with this friendly doormat.

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