So you missed the spring clean; now what? Don’t worry, summer is actually the ideal time to dig deep into those nooks and crannies, clean some things, and air it all out before fall rolls around. With these 10 must-do tasks, your home will feel refreshed and ready for another season of hibernation.

1. Purge the Fridge: Make sure you toss anything that’s expired, then clean the drawers and wipe down the doors. Dust under the fridge, and tackle the freezer on a really hot day when you need some cool air and *almost* expired ice cream.

2. Deep Clean Your Patio: A hose or pressure washer will get all the yuck off, but don’t forget the planters and any furniture you haven’t used yet. Be sure to scrub under the pots and furniture as well.

3. Wash the Outside Windows: This only really works if you’re in a house or lower-level apartment, but you’ll reap the benefits for the rest of the year. Plus, all of your plants will get extra vitamin D.

4. Re-Pot Your Plants: You should be doing this a few times a year anyway, but take the afternoon to transplant any indoor vegetation into bigger or fresher planters. Fertilize accordingly and get ready to watch that gorgeous garden grow all year long.

5. Launder *All* the Bedding: We’re not just talking the sheets here. Dump your duvet and pillows into the washer and hang them to dry. If that’s too much work, most dry cleaners will be able to care for them as well. When it’s warm enough to sleep under only a sheet for a few nights, you might as well go for it.

6. Wipe Door Handles and Frames: Cold season is behind us, but a new one is just ahead. Sanitize everything you touch regularly. You’ll not only remove any germs, but you’ll get rid of all the smudges, dirt, and random fingerprints around each corner.

7. Clean Your Area Rugs and Carpet: Shake out those rugs to get rid of allergens, dust, and who knows what else. You can use the good old-fashioned shake method or beat ’em with a stick or pole to really let out some aggression.

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