Coffee is life — at least, that’s what coffee lovers will tell you. A quick jolt of java in the morning can turn even the most sluggish people into delightful rays of sunshine, so it’s no wonder that people all over the world have come up with their own ways of consuming the delicious, caffeinated beverage. And chances are, there’s someone in your life — maybe it’s you! — who is absolutely obsessed with coffee: in the morning, while commuting, in the office, sitting in a charming café, or burning the midnight oil. Feed that coffee obsession with these stimulating gifts that any coffee lover would adore.

1. Copper Cow Coffee Classic Coffee Subscription ($35+): Now there’s a way to keep your coffee flowing throughout the month without multiple trips to the grocery store. This unique subscription gives you 20 portable, pour-over Vietnamese coffee packets plus 20 portable creamers. For true coffee lovers, you can also get a super-sized 50-pack subscription for $95.

2. HyperChiller HC2 Patented Coffee/Beverage Cooler ($30): Some people love their cold brew 24/7/365. (Yes, even during the polar vortex.) But just in case you don’t have a bottle of the deliciously potent brew in the fridge, you can easily pour hot liquid into this innovative cooler and it will be ready in a flash.

3. Cafe Du Monde Dark Roast Coffee With Chicory ($19 for 2): People swear by this blend from famous New Orleans café Café du Monde. The full-bodied roast with a hint of chicory is just right for a slow, relaxing afternoon. You can even buy it in K-cup pods. (And the café’s famous beignet mix is also conveniently for sale. We’re just saying.)

4. Barisieur Coffee Brewing Alarm Clock ($445): Is it a little extra to wake up to an alarm clock that literally brews you your first pour-over cup of coffee for the day? It might be. But think of how awesome it would be too.

5. Senhai Coffee Decorating Stencils ($7 for 32 Pieces): You don’t have to be a super-skilled barista in order to craft a gorgeous latte complete with foam art. These stencils let you create all kinds of pictures so you can feel like you’re in a cool, independent café — even if you’re just sitting at home.

6. Handheld Milk Frother ($12): A latte just isn’t a latte if it doesn’t have that foam on top. This handheld frother easily creates a delicate foam, so your at-home lattes and cappuccinos are always just as flawless as the ones from your fave local spot.

7. Happiness Is Graphic Tee ($25): The perfect cup of coffee, a brand-new must read… Celebrate the two great tastes that go great together with this adorable graphic t-shirt.

8. Emery and Opal Coffee Bean Necklace ($25): Coffee isn’t just a beverage, it’s also a fashion statement. This delicate necklace turns the beloved coffee bean into a pretty charm that you can dress up or down with any outfit.

9. Haflinger Women’s Coffee Slipper ($59+): Coffee and comfy slippers on a lazy Sunday morning? Life doesn’t get any better than that. While you’re sipping your brew over brunch, slip into these cozy house shoes to really relax.

10. Frank Body Mini Coffee Body Scrub ($10): Coffee can energize you even when you’re not drinking it. This exfoliating scrub leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean, and the invigorating coffee scent will wake you up for the day ahead.

11. Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug ($80): People love hot coffee. People love cold coffee. But tepid room temperature coffee is enough to make anyone frown. Luckily, this temperature controlling mug will keep your brew piping hot for hours.

12. JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder ($36): This grinder is as wonderful to look at as it is to use. Keep it on your countertop for whenever you need some freshly ground beans for your morning brew.

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