We’ve got to hand it to the world of beauty for blessing our lives with sparkle. If you fell in love with glitter strobing and went gaga for MAC Cosmetic’s must-have rose gold pigment, then trust us when we tell you you’ll go bananas for glitter under-eye makeup. Makeup artist Wendy Rowe first introduced us to the concept for Christy Turlington’s Vogue Paris cover and Burberry’s 2016 fashion (celebs Elle Fanning and Suki Waterhouse quickly hopped on the bandwagon), and we’re calling it the most glam way to hide your tired eyes. If you don’t want to go full-on disco, read on for different ways to wear the trend, from barely there to bold and beautiful.

1. Subtle Shimmer Tear: These delicate tears were created using the faintest amount of shimmering iridescent highlighter. Simply line the underside of your bottom lids, adding a glistening teardrop in the center.

2. Gold Glitter Tear: The teardrop is accentuated into a more pronounced triangle with this look, giving the impression of major water works. Crying has never looked better.

3. Soft Pink Glitter Drip: Combine two trends in one with the pink eye-inspired glittery look by applying your favorite pigment and dabbing on some matching glitter.

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4. Textured Glitter Tear Drops: These tears are the beauty world’s equivalent of performance art. The haute look combines shapes and textures to form a tear shape with a minimalist approach.

5. Glitter Under-Eye Shimmer: This silver under-eye glitter is complemented by an equally sparkling lip.

6. Reflective Glitter Under-Eye: Yet another perk of glitter? It doesn’t just banish dark circles — the reflective look is literally brightening your under-eye area.

7. Smokey Ombre Under-Eye: This edgy, chrome color palette is how a glitter-lover expresses a gloomy mood. The silver lining in this industrial-chic shimmer? These are the prettiest dark circles we’ve ever seen.

8. Gilt Under-Eye: Gold glitter is the ultimate highlighter for the eyes and will undoubtedly make them pop. Who needs a bold lip when you can rock this statement-making style?

9. Starlit Under-Eye: Star-shaped under-eye glitter is our favorite variation yet. Let’s agree to rename this under-eye concealing look: “Unicorn Tears.”

6. Frosted Glitter Under-Eye: This Frozen-inspired look is undeniably beautiful but makes us chilly just looking at it. Psst… would anybody like to build a snowman?

7. Mermaid Glitter Tears: Off-duty mermaids can channel their inner-Ariel anytime thanks to this oceanic-hued look. An added sequin at the inner corner brings extra WOW-factor to your eyes.

8. Cosmic Glitter Tears: The galaxy trend has always been one of our faves, and this glittery adaptation is the ultimate. She artfully applied a cosmic-hued glitter drip with added sparkly accents on her hands. Love!

9. Gold Glitter Liner: Sparkling liner adds a 100-percent celebratory feel. If you don’t dig the moodiness of glitter tears, you can give this less dramatic look a try.

10. Rose Gold Textured: Here’s an up close and personal look at how to use more than one type of glitter. Relying on finer glitter for darker pigment and details, less refined glitter can then be added for a sparkling accent.

11. Silver Glitter Drips: Die-hard glitter-lovers don’t have to be subtle. Add more than one teardrop to each eye for an overt statement look.

12. Metallic Glitter Drip: Metallic trend? Check. Sizzlin’ smokey eye? Check. And glitter tears? SOMUCHYES.

13. Smokey Glitter Tear: Here’s another smokey eye to end all smokey eyes (c’mon, it’s J.Lo-level perfect). The difference is the monochromatic gold glitter delicately dripping down her face.

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