In less than a year, Glow, an app that lets you sync up and track your cycle (whether you’re trying to conceive or just want to be more in tune with your period and health) has helped over 20,000 women get pregnant. That’s a lot of baby showers. Instead of sending a rep to each and every one with balloons and a diaper cake in tow, Glow has an even better gift; a whole new mobile experience to guide expecting parents through those nine months and beyond.

The new app, Glow Nurture will answer the question of “Umm, what now?” for those 20,000 new parents and other mom and dads-to-be by giving them a real time “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.” And a beautiful app to boot that echos Glow’s sleek, colorful interface that looks happily at home on your iPhone.

The Glow team stopped by Brit HQ this week to give us a preview of the app and we (even those of us without bunnies in our ovens) liked what we saw. You open up Glow Nurture and are greeted with your due date calendar — perhaps the only countdown clock that won’t stress you out. Instead, it’s a sweet, soothing look at the date and a bonus peek at the size your baby is at that very moment (turn back to an earlier time and the baby changes, a great way to trip out more squeamish friends and family). They’ll lay out a timeline of all the important appointments for you so all you have to do is make the calls.

From there, scroll down to the Daily Health Log, which gives you an opportunity to check in with yourself and check off the personal to dos you have set. Yes, I took my prenatal vitamins, no, I did not exercise, maybe I had enough water to drink (okay, no I didn’t) and, actually, now that you mention it I’m having some weird pain right about here. Glow’s angle on both apps isn’t to diagnose you, but it will take the info you give them here and give you “Insights” into what that pain might indicate, why you might want to drink more water every day or why certain check-ups are important. Similar features on Glow have even assisted users in figuring out potential health problems with help from their doctors.

Overall, the transition for Glow users to Glow Nurture will be easy, and the approachable (but not overly girly, it should be noted) design will welcome first time health trackers with open, inviting arms. Successful features from Glow, like Partner Support, Glow Community and more are expanded, with their focus shifted to the next life stage in this second chapter app. You can keep your partner synced up, which means someone else besides the app and your doctor could be bugging you to take your prenatal vitamins. When you enter the Glow Community, you’ll be greeted with a special section tailored exactly to where you are in your pregnancy along with general questions and topics to scroll through and contribute to.

With the expansion of international apps like Dayima, period pampering delivery services like Hello Flo going viral and the serious success of Glow (again, that’s 20,000 babies born with its help!), Glow Nurture is a downloadable bundle of joy in the web’s growing family of apps, sites and digital devices working to revolutionize women’s health online. We think it’s time for a celebration (still no diaper cake necessary).

Do you use an app to track your health, your period or your fertility? Have you ever used Glow? Let us know if you would give Glow Nurture (or another pregnancy app a try!) in the comments below!