The best part about the P and FP words (“Puberty” and “First Period”) was getting that glorious “becoming a woman” kit in the mail. “What are these new accessories… and how will we ever fit them all in our backpack?” We wondered, shuffling through pads of various shapes, looking in wide-eyed wonder at tampon instructions, praising the zit busting gods for sending us cream that promised to banish blemishes overnight. Hello Flo wants to bring back that feeling as often as your period comes with care packages and a monthly service that will (dare we say) make your period new and exciting again.

You have probably seen their too-funny, immediately-viral video “First Moon Party” (if not, do yourself a favor and watch it above!), but Hello Flo means serious business when it comes to periods and beyond.

They feature a sweet starter kit ($30) that your Tweeting, tablet-toting, code-crafting tween will think is cool enough to Instagram and even “Camp kits” — everything she’ll need or maybe need for that first summer away from home with that pesky new plus one.

If first periods are more like stories you can laugh about over brunch with your besties today, Hello Flo has a monthly service (ranging from $16 to $21 a month) that will send you care packages when you need tailored-for-you TLC the most. Think… Birchbox takes on Tampax, or a monthly service that you actually need every month. And this kit is just as good as that first one — actually better, because it isn’t one period fits all. Fill out a questionnaire to let Flo get you, your flow and your monthly needs and wants.

Besides first periods and that monthly gift that keeps on giving, Hello Flo will hook you up at other celebratory life stages, including post-baby with a package ($50) that includes Dear Kate undies, Bamboobies nursing pads, beauty products, heavy pads and assorted surprise gifts and goodies. Arrived to the baby shower registry too late? Skip the diaper cake and give her this instead. The mom-to-be will thank you soon enough.

They don’t just do good for you, Hello Flo features Organyc products for the eco babes among us. Plus, if you sign up for a three or six month subscription, they will provide sanitary supplies to one school aged girl in Kenya for a full school year through their partnership with ZanaAfrica.

With more than 17 million views on their latest video and a whole lot of attention turned on them and their monthly service, Hello Flo is busting through the taboos tied to periods and proving (to those little girls and, well, probably some big girls) that monthly gifts are nothing to keep mum about. We won’t task HF with the first menstruation wearable just yet, but we’ll gladly download a Hello Flo app if ever it becomes available.

Would you use a monthly service like Hello Flo to solve all of your period problems? Share below!