In case you missed it, this week is our first official Gold Week here at Brit + Co! It’s glitzy and glittery all around here with gold champagne cakes, gold desktop wallpapers and so much more to come. And, of course, the B+C Shop is no exception to this #GoldRush. In fact, we’ve got an entire Gold Collection to share with you!

1. Brilliant Blooms Gold Foil Coasters ($20 for 12): First up, mix up some cocktails and use these fancy foil coasters to protect your table. Or, just put these coasters on the wall for some unusual wall art!

2. CA Is Where the Heart Is Print ($50): Love this new collection that just came into the shop. And our hearts are definitely here in California.

3. Gold Dots Print Travel Case ($25): What’s a more on point combination of cute and chic than gold polka dots?

4. Matchstick Ring ($23): How cool is this? It’s based on the shape of a matchstick!

5. Swiss Dot Gold Foil Patterned Pencils ($8): We know that pencils are so, well, old school but… these would make for very stylish desktop decor.

6. Wide Geometric Bracelet ($215): This is definitely on the luxe end of our spending spectrum, but it’s one of those investment pieces that you’ll wear time and time again.

7. Lemon Basil Soap Stone ($16): Did you know that a bar of soap could actually be modern? ;)

8. Gold Leaf Cocktail Glasses ($56): You’ve seen these before and you’ll see them again — we love them that much.

9. 3D Printed Sun Bottle Opener ($72): Can you believe this bottle opener was 3D printed? It’s a crazy process where a special 3D printer deposits small drops of glue onto layers of stainless steel powder, one layer at a time. When done, the model goes through an infusion process that replaces the glue with shiny metal glory. It’s then enrobed in 24k gold. Amazing.

10. Hustle, Darling Print ($17): Oh dahhhhling.

11. Peach Bellini Tassel Garland ($35): Studio Mucci strikes again, and this time there’s a tassel garland with every summer party in mind.

12. Gold Leather Clutch ($110): You know what they say about a good clutch. It’s really pretty… clutch! Our favorite thing about this is the fact that the texture is created with a LASER.

13. Twisted Suede Bracelets Kit ($25): Finally, a couple kits to keep your “make something new every day” resolution alive. This bracelet kit is designed to make two stacking bracelets, or you could freestyle and create a necklace or a headband!

14. Gold Dipped Vases Kit ($25): This kit’s an oldie but a goodie, and the vases work for just about any occasion.

For the rest of the golden goodies, head on over to the #GoldRush Collection in the B+C Shop!

What’s your favorite thing on this list? Do you love gold as much as we do? Talk to us in the comments below.