Back in the fairytale days, older women get kind of a bad rap (see: Rapunzel, Cinderella, Snow White, The Wizard of Oz). It hasn’t gotten much better since. So much emphasis is put on youth that it’s almost as if, as women, we have an invisible expiration date on our value to society (heck, Adele was worried she was obsolete at 25?!). NPR is trying to change that with their new movement, the Changing Lives of Women series. People are being encouraged to share pictures of the influential women a generation above them in their lives using the hashtag #GrownLadyCrush today, on this Woman Crush Wednesday. The results were powerful and inspiring.

Hopefully this campaign spreads awareness for the amount of strong, beautiful, multi faceted generation-older ladies in the world and they get the representation and respect they deserve. If you have a #GrownLadyCrush share the love on Twitter today. If you don’t have one, you’re not looking hard enough because inspiring women are all around!

Have a #GrownLadyCrush? Tell us why she’s great in the comments!

(h/t NPR, Images via @TdoubleB, @Beautytherapymn, @SBSontherun, @hilary_crisan)