When it comes to fashion, there are many items that are popular for only a fleeting moment. Some we can look back on fondly (oh hey, shift dresses), while others hurt to think about (*cough acid wash cough*). Like clothes, hairstyles from each era have had their heyday, but in honor of Hairstyle Appreciation Day, we’re bringing it all back. Whether you’re going to a themed party or looking to bring back the best looks from each time, these tutorials have got you covered. Throw on some tunes, break out the rollers and head down memory lane with these fab hairstyles from 1910 on.

gibson tuck

1. The Gibson Tuck: Way back in the early 1900s, Victorian rat’s nests were out and the sleek Gibson tuck was in. Be an image of elegance when you wear this simple style to summer weddings, cocktail parties and the like. (via Slow Mama)

fishtail gibson

2. Gibson Tuck With Fishtail Braid: Change up the classics by adding a modern touch, which in this case involves using the ever-popular fishtail braid. You’re sure to be a head-turner when you’re strutting your stuff in this updo. (via Brit + Co)

finger waves

3. Finger Waves: The 1920s might’ve seemed like a bust thanks to party-pooper laws like Prohibition, but they did nail hairstyles. Create these posh waves for your next night out on the town. (via Birchbox)


4. Faux Bob: Is your “long hair, don’t care” pride running thin? You can rock the flapper-inspired bob too! Strategically placed bobby pins and barrel curls are all it takes. (via Cosmopolitan)

sponge curls

5. 1930s Sponge Curls: Style wet hair with sponge rollers and pomade for looser waves that are a gorgeous look for day and night. (via Acid Doll Vintage)

1930 curls

6. Curled Updo: The ’30s were rampant with full, sweeping curls. Replicate this romantic look for a wedding to be the vintage belle of the ball. (via Colin Cowie Weddings)

7. ’40s Twisted Updo: The iconic Rosie-the-Riveter style is alive and well, y’all. Grab a silk scarf and get ready to wrap and roll, because with this style, you’ll be ready to conquer anything. (via YouTube)

Pin curls

8. Pin Curls: Get your vixen on by styling your hair in timeless pin curls. Date night has never looked so glamorous. (via The Freckled Fox)


9. 1950s Pink Lady Pony: At this juncture, we’re not convinced that there’s a style more adorable than a teased pony. Skip the poodle skirt and rock this with a midi length skirt for an homage to the vintage look, modernized. (via The Beauty Department)


10. Bouffant: Few ‘dos come this close to going-out perfection. Get ready to channel your inner superstar and feel like a million bucks on your next girl’s night. (via Loxa Beauty)


11. 1960s French Twist: Liven up your office style with this nod to the Mad Men days. Pair with a menswear-inspired #ootd to be the most fabulous girl boss in town. (via Irrelephant)


12. Beehive: This updo just makes us want to sing some oldies. Ready to work it? Stop snapping your fingers and get to teasing, girl! (via Wish Wish Wish)


13. ’70s Boho Waves: While this style is a little ’70s, it’s definitely wearable enough to be an everyday look. Pair with a sweet jumpsuit to give it a retro vibe, or wear with your fave sundress to keep things simple. (via The Glitter Guide)

14. Feathered Hair: For those of you with go-big-or-go-home personalities, you can’t get much bigger than feathered hair. Channel your inner rollerblade goddess and hit the town, superfly style. (via Pearliology)

80s hair

15. Big ’80s Curls: No need for a curling iron to get this fun coif. Simply wrap wet hair in bundles and wake up ready to party like it’s 1989. (via The Glitter Guide)

16. ’90s Grunge Hair: This hair screams badass. Get rocker chic super quick with this easy-to-follow and fun tutorial. (via Alexsis Mae)

17. Pompadour Head Wrap: Remember Erykah Badu’s epic head wrap? While it wasn’t quite for everyday wear, this scaled-down pompadour take definitely is, and it’s pretty easy to do! #Winning all around. (via Around the Way Curls)

half up knot bun

18. Half-Up Hair Knot: Were we really this indecisive in the ’90s? Take it back with the half-up, half-down style of your youth with this easy tutorial. (via Hair Romance)


19. Crimped Locks: Oh, crimping. We couldn’t forget the cavalcade of commercials for crimping plates if we tried. Get the look now with a flat iron instead — just be sure to throw on some Spice Girls while you do it. (via Kouturekiss)

short bob

20. Wavy Bob: Laguna Beach was our jam back in the day, but almost as iconic was Kristin Cavallari’s amazing beach hair. Get the look with a little product and a curling iron. (via The Beauty Department)


21. Feather Hair Clip: Just a few years ago, it was all the rage for folks to get feather extensions. If you feel like the flower crown isn’t cutting it, bring the feather look back with this easy-to-fashion hair clip. (via Sincerely Kinsey)

22. Fake Dreads: Festival hair has never looked so cool. Add some fake dreads into your natural texture, then get ready to soak up the sun. (via Free People Blog)

hair chalk

23. Hair Chalk: In the past few years we’ve seen pastel hair on pretty much every celebrity we know and love. Get the look just for the weekend by using hair chalk. (via Hair Romance)


24. The Lob: We’re hard pressed to think of a style that’s made more of a splash in recent years than the lob. Learn how to style the versatile cool-girl look, and work everything you’ve got while rocking today’s version of The Rachel. (via Momtastic)

Which era did hair best? Let us know what you think in the comments!