Halloween is just around the corner, which means it’s time to get brainstorming about costume ideas STAT. If you’re not one to put hours of thought into your hair, don’t worry! We’ve made the job a little easier for you this year by picking one of our very own classic hairstyles that goes with some of our fave costumes. Whether you are aiming for a pretty princess ‘do or badass Mother-of-Dragons look, this half-crown braid will get you there.


To get the half-up style, part your hair to the side and braid a two-inch strand of hair on the larger part (above your ear), then angle around the back of your head and secure the braid and non-braided side with bobby pins. Depending on how you wish to part your hair, this can be asymmetrical with a braid on one side or parted down the middle with a braid on both sides. Either way, you’re sure to look the part. View the full tutorial here!

1. The White Queen

Anne-Hathaway-as-White-Queen from lulus

Anne Hathaway gives the half-crown braid an eerily ethereal twist in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. To get the White Queen’s feminine-gothic look, pair an all-white ensemble with vampy lips and nails. (Photo via Disney)

2. Daeneyrs Targaryen


It’s no secret that Daenerys is our forever Game of Thrones crush. Here, she wears the half-crown braid with the dignified strength and effortless grace of a true Khaleesi. Stick to flowy, draped material (think Grecian), throw on a leather belt, grab your stuffed pet dragon and you’re good to go. (Photo via HBO)

3. Hermione Granger


Here’s proof that even a studyholic like Hermione Granger can do this effortlessly chic look. 10 points to Gryffindor! To get Emma Watson’s look, find a set of cauldron black robes, a wand and you’re all set. Now, if only we could be Hermione everyday… (Photo via Warner Bros)

4. Princess Buttercup


Robin Wright’s Princess Bride look is no exception to the classic braided updo. Her intricately detailed crown and gorgeously crafted gowns have us head over heels for her wardrobe. Buy or rent a princess gown to capture her regal style and find the perfect Westley to say “As you wish” over and over and over. (Photo via Twentieth Century Fox Film)

5. Juliet


Yup, we wish we were Claire Danes in this scene too. Not only because we’d be the love interest of a dreamy Leonardo, but we’re totally in love with Juliet’s angelic ensemble. To get her look, pair a simple white dress with minimal-to-no jewelry and, of course, a set of feathery wings. Who knew that angel wings paired so perfectly with a half-crown braid? (Photo via Twentieth Century Fox Film)

Which of these female protagonists will you be this Halloween? Let us know your favorite in the comments below!