Readers — if you aren’t aware, everyday I try to be the best Beyoncé I can be (as should everyone!), and there is no better day to represent your best Beyoncé than a) Bey’s birthday and b) the day of the year you can be anyone you want to be… Halloween. All my single ladies (and everyone else), put your hands up and get ready to make because I’m about to show you how to create five different iconic Beyoncé costumes to let your Sasha Fierce shine.


7/11 Beyonce Halloween Costume

“Smack it in the air.” – Beyoncé


(Photo via BeyonceVEVO)

What you need:

– navy blue sweatshirt

– leopard briefs — we got ours at American Apparel
– knee pads

– iron-on letters or transfer paper


Beyoncé fans rejoice! This look is super easy to replicate. A quick trip to American Apparel + your local thrift store + sporting goods store will pretty much get you all these pieces of this outfit.


Create your own KALE type and print it out on iron-on transfer paper or get pre-made iron on letters at a craft store.


Clap, clap, clap like you don’t care.

Blow Beyoncé Halloween Costume

“Must be good to you.” – Beyoncé


(Photo via BeyonceVEVO)


– pink zip up

– iron-on transfer paper or iron-on letters

– tropical crop top/bustier top

– tropical briefs

– high socks

– chunky necklace

– roller skates


Let’s just say our life has never been the same since Beyoncé dropped her visual album. This look is straight from her music video for her song “Blow.” We headed to our local thrift store to pick up a pink zip up that we then added the words CA$H MONEY to with iron-on transfer paper. The tropical briefs we picked up from American Apparel and the crop top was from Forever 21. Look for tropical neon pieces for this look. Top it off with a chunky silver necklace and roller skates for accessories.


Can’t find a floral bustier top? Neither could we! We hacked it with pipe cleaners and hot glue to give the shirt a bustier vibe.


Don’t stop loving till the morning.

On the Run Tour Beyoncé Halloween Costume

“Toast to clichés in a dark past.” – Beyoncé


(Photo via


– fishnet stockings

– nude body suit

– fishnet full body suit

– leather leotard

– black booties


We picked all these pieces up at our local club apparel store down on Haight street. This piece is all about the layers and the order you put them on your body. Look for fishnet stockings as well as a whole fishnet bodysuit. Try to find two pieces that have different fishnet densities. You will layer stockings, nude body suit, fishnet body suit, leather leotard.


We cut the legs off of our long fishnet body suit and used them to create our head piece. Pull your hair back into a pony and slide one piece over your nose and mouth and the other piece over your head like a beanie.


I don’t care if we on the run, baby as long I’m next to you.

2014 VMA Beyoncé Halloween Costume

“The most alluring thing a woman can have is confidence.” – Beyoncé


(Photo via Mark Davis/Getty)


– fishnet stockings

– long sleeve black leo

craft gems
– E6000


When I saw Beyoncé appear on stage in a disco ball leotard, I knew that this had to be my halloween costume. I made this costume last year and glued the gems to a black t-shirt and then sewed the t-shirt onto the leo. I was nervous about the leo stretching too much and the glue not supporting the gems. To my surprise, I learned that as long as the leo fits your body, you can glue the gems directly to the leotard using E6000.


Lay your gems out into a pattern before gluing them down. I started in the center and worked outward to make sure my pattern was even and I had enough of each shape. For the sleeves I just went crazy and filled them in with all the leftover gems.


MTV, Welcome to my world.

**Flawless Beyoncé Halloween Costume

“You wake up, flawless.” – Beyoncé


(Photo via Sony/Columbia Records)


– red gingham shirt

– ripped up shorts

– fishnet stockings

– chunky silver necklace

– studded belt


Beehive — what makes this iconic look is Beyonce’s killer bob. Now I don’t have short hair, but with this hair trick no one would ever know! Scour your closet and your friends’ closets to pull together the pieces for this flawless costume.


Don’t forget to accessorize with chunky silver necklaces and a studded belt. Our belt was actually a dog collar with additional string to create a belt.


Riding round in it, flawless. – Beyoncé

All in all, this was pretty much the best day of my life. EVER. Can every day be Halloween, pretty pretty please?

What Beyoncé are you being for Halloween? Share below and tweet us your pix from years past @britandco!!