Put down the scissors. Before you decide to rock the baby bangs or try an undercut, let’s reconsider your options. A new season is upon us, and you’re not the only one itching to update your look. A haircut can be a pretty big commitment, and the most successful transformations take your face shape into account. Here to save the day is an infographic from Philip James Salon that will help you decide what hairstyle is best for your unique features. Plus, there are some fun facts about how your face shape reflects your personality — thrown in just for fun.


If you have a heart-shaped face like Reese Witherspoon, flowy looks soften the angles of your face. But a short cut can highlight your gorgeous cheekbones. Any cut that’s fuller at the bottom will look great, though, since it’ll balance out the width of your forehead.


Have an oblong face like Sarah Jessica Parker? Long hair or too much volume at the top can add unwanted length to your face. A layered bob or flirty bangs would look perfect on you. Remember SJP’s curly bob on Sex and the City? How adorable was she?


For those of you always getting mistaken for Cameron Diaz, longer hair can make your face seem less full. Pixie cuts can be tricky since they can add more width to your face. But you can’t go wrong with side-swept bangs and flowing waves.


If you have an oval face like Jennifer Aniston, you have the most common face shape. Shaggy, medium haircuts look great on you, as would any kind of short haircut. Your face is so balanced, you can basically rock any look — even The Rachel.


A square face like Rosario Dawson is a beautiful thing. You’re one of the few who look amazing with epically long hair. But an angled bob can look great, as long as the edges soften your strong jawline.

Check out the entire infographic below:


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(Feature photo via Frazer Harrison/Getty)