We wouldn’t quite label baby bangs a trend. Chopped well above the brows, the micro fringe is a full-blown Look usually reserved for gals on top of their vintage-style game, not to mention it’s one of the hardest cuts to pull off across the board, which makes it a rare hairstyle to spot on anyone, celeb or otherwise. So it’s a bit of a shocker whenever an A-lister incorporates the exceptionally short style into their hair repertoire, and even more of a jolt when they own the offbeat look. Whether or not you’ll actually be Pinning these styles to your Hairspiration boards, these seven celebs showcase baby bangs done right.

1. Beyoncé: Bey makes baby bangs look #wokeuplikethis-worthy with her perfectly pillow-kinked, vintage-leaning chop.

2. Lizzie Caplan: Lizzie foregoes the blunt cut for wispier fringe that channels the best of ’90s hair (notice her ‘do is butterfly clip free). We love that the easy-going shape is mimicked in her long, asymmetrical bob.

3. Rihanna: RiRi channels the best of both worlds with her short-all-over cut. Notice how her bangs are severely swept to appear straight across, though she can also piece that sporty-chic look apart in seconds for a more casual vibe.

4. Kelly Osbourne: Kel’s baby bangs run for miles, a punky look that’s perfect for her partially shaved sides.

5. Krysten Ritter: Krysten pulls of the glam-goth look like no other, and baby bangs play a major role. Whether her hair is curled for the red carpet or pulled back for a coffee run, her micro bangs never fail to add some edge.

6. Emma Watson: Emma’s Peter Pan pixie cut shows off the soft side of baby bangs, wispy and not at all overworked. Be sure you give some major love to your brows to keep the look polished and modern with this particular fringe.

7. Marion Cotillard: Marion takes cool girl bangs to the next level with this side split fringe. Paired with a choppy chin-length bob, this is a look that could spark a real deal trend among the fashion set.

So what’s the verdict? Are baby bangs your new favorite imaginary haircut or is it just too extreme? Tell us in the comments below.