Drumroll please, it’s time for our now-annual roundup of pop culture costumes! This year was definitely an eclectic one, with the world going totally bonkers over Miley (and her tongue), getting lost in the Game of Thrones, and wondering what exactly the Fox says ;)

Naturally, we had to create our own take on what we expect to be this year’s most popular pop culture costumes. Happy Halloween month!

1. Kimye: First up, the parents of NorthWest made quite a splash in the tabloids this year, but who can ever forget Kim as a killer whale? Requirements for this costume: a microphone, white shutter shades, a black dress with a piece of white fabric pinned or hot glued on, and, of course, that killer Kimye attitude. We used a pillow to create that preggers look, but you could also use a balloon or plastic ball.

2. The Fox: Dinosaur says roar! Duck says quack! But what does a well-dressed fox say? Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow! To recreate this now-iconic music video, we stocked up on a couple of animal onesies, draw a little fox nose and whiskers on Brit, and a pair of fox ears.

3. Daenerys Targaryen: If you watch Game of Thrones, you probably have a crush on Daenerys. This mother of dragons kicks some serious butt, leads armies, and looks ridiculously hot doing it. To recreate this look, we got a blond wig at a costume store and stocked up on earthy garments to create a warrior-like look. And, of course, you need dragons to complete the look! We took our scene to a nerdy level by throwing a minecraft sword into the mix as well.

4. Person Waiting in Line for a Cronut: Oh cronuts, oh my. People are legit still waiting in line for cronuts, and our local bakery sells out by 10am every day. I’m not sure a baked good has ever received so much press. We went with a hot pink pajamas to go with the hot pink baker’s box filled with cronuts. Don’t forget, it’s always good to share your cronuts with coworkers.

5. Miley Cyrus: And the award for currently-terrible role model goes to… Miley! But how can you not kind of love her deranged dance moves and that insane tongue? If you’re feeling really bold, go for the full bear leotard. For our look, we outfitted Brit in gray shorts, a gray tank, and those signature pigtail buns. But how did we go blond? Spray blond dye from Walgreens, of course.

6. Daft Punk: The song that is playing all the time wherever you go definitely deserves its own costume and animated gif. Thanks to Daft Punk, the robot will always be in, and it just might help you Get Lucky. To channel Brit’s inner Daft Punk, we spray painted a used helmet silver. Then we attached silver spray paint can caps to the sides. How clever is that?

7. House of Cards: One of the biggest new TV shows of the year, Kevin Spacey killed it on Netflix’s first official original series. We can’t wait for next season. To create our House of Cards, we cut two pieces of cardboard into the shape of a house. Cut holes in the top so you can weave ribbon through to create a sandwich board. Then, simply glue on your cards until the cows come home.

8. NSA: Is this an ad for Google Glass or Brit just channeling her inner NSA agent? To become as high-tech as the NSA, you need all levels of tech. Google Glass, Bluetooth, a pager, and an ear piece that connects to a walkie talkie are all crucial. And naturally, you need to be a (wo)man in black.

9. Blurred Lines: We’ll go ahead and call this one a good try, but not quite a win. We wanted to combine the stylishness of Robin Thicke’s video with a visual portrayal of Blurred Lines, but kind of just came out looking like a karaoke-singing jailbird. Next time, we’ll water down the paint a little more when we create our stripes… and we’ll probably wear a gold chain. Either way, the song is insanely catchy.

Will you go for a topical Halloween costume this year? What are you being? Talk to us in the comments below.