Gardening season has officially begun, and we are all about that green life. Whether you’re looking to up your indoor plant game or are down to get your hands dirty with your first veggie garden, we’re here to help you take your #plantlady status to the next level. Happy digging, all!

If you dream of an herb garden in your kitchen or keep greenery in your shower, it might be time to take your indoor garden to the next level with hanging planters. Scroll on for eight trendy plants you’ll want to add to your home ASAP.

This infographic features all the latest and greatest greenery trends — lookin’ at you, heartleaf philodendron — but also showcases the more unusual, quirky indoor plants that you might not have seen before. Watch out, fiddle leaf fig tree — that pretty pothos plant might just become Instagram’s hottest new star!

Once you’ve picked out your fave hanging plant from the top eight above, make sure you check out our handy Indoor Plant Guide printable, complete with watering and care instructions!

Be sure to follow The Dig series throughout May to learn all the trends, tips, hacks, etc. Happy planting, ladies!

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Illustration: Rebecca Fong