If you aren鈥檛 blessed with a lush outdoor space, it can be easy to feel left out of all that spring gardening hoopla. Luckily, house plants (AKA mini #jungalows) are trending big time, and creating the indoor garden of your dreams is easier than ever鈥 right? Well, almost. You still need to keep those plants alive! Whether you boast a green thumb or have been known to kill a succulent or two, our Beginner鈥檚 Guide to Trendy Indoor Plants will help you create *and* cultivate that garden year-round.

Download our Beginner鈥檚 Guide to Trendy Indoor Plants

Our infographic features the latest trendy greenery 鈥 think snake plants, cacti, and more! 鈥 and all the sun and water care instructions you鈥檒l need to keep 鈥檈m happy and healthy. Simply print it out, hang as a reminder, and water accordingly.

Before you know it, you鈥檒l have the lush indoor garden you鈥檝e always hoped for. Happy planting, ladies!

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Illustration: Marisa Kutmong

Photo Styling: Cassidy Miller and Katie Bond

Photography: Brittany Griffin