It’s hard to imagine Margot Robbie being any more awesome than she already is. We’re talking Prince Harry textin’, Alexander Skarsgard BFFin’, unicorn wearin’ Margot Robbie. You may know her as Harley Quinn, the amazing member of the Suicide Squad who can more than hold her own in the midst of epic villains like Joker. Now Margot is taking charge with the announcement that Harley Quinn is getting her own movie, and she herself will be producing the surely amazing film. This is gonna be good!

Margot Robbie

She just signed a deal with Warner Bros., and 26-year-old Margot will be acting as co-producer as well as starring in the movie all about Harley. Rumored to be joined by Bat Girl and the Birds of Prey, this will be the movie every lady needs to see.

Harley Quinn

The second female superhero- (or villain-) focused film from Warner Bros. following Wonder Woman, we can only hope this is the start of an awesome new trend of ladies leading action-packed blockbusters.

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(h/t Hello Giggles; photos via DC Entertainment Inc., Chris Jackson/Getty)