We’re calling it: 2014 is going to be the year that 3D printed style surges, flying off the runways and out of galleries and into the hands of the masses. It’s safe to say that we’re pretty pumped by our prediction, which is already ringing true in the 3D printed jewelry realm. Consider these 20 chic bracelets, earrings, and necklaces your intro to must-have 3D printed style. And keep your eye out for more to come!

1. Peltate Pendant ($50): If you’ve never heard of Nervous System, now’s the time to get well acquainted. They’re one of our go-to sources for beautiful, futuristic 3D printed jewelry—one glimpse at this necklace and you’ll understand why.

2. Spin 360 Yellow Gold Faceted Ring ($110): This studded serpent ring is sure to sit pretty on nearly any finger. It’s the perfect balance of elegance and edge.

3. Andromeda Necklace ($105): We’re suckers for these organic geometric shapes—a staple of nearly all things 3D printed. This collar necklace would look gorgeous gracing a buttoned blouse.

4. Mini Bloom Earrings ($30): We love the delicate starburst design of these stainless steel earrings. They’d make the perfect pair of everyday studs.

5. MYBF Bracelet 1 ($60): Who knew filament could look so chic? These bangle bracelets have the prettiest gem-cut skeletons we’ve ever seen.

6. Vessel Earrings ($42): The intricate detail of these coral-like chandelier earrings is outrageous! Why waste natural resources when you can print your jewelry to look just like the real deal?

7. Tetra Kinematics 175n ($350): Our jaws dropped when we heard about Kinematics, a 4D printed jewelry line from Nervous System that creates jewelry as flexible as fabric. This thick collar necklace is the standout star, draping over the neck flawlessly like silk.

8. Honeycomb Ring ($65): Made of 22 Karat gold plated brass, this stellar honeycomb ring is one of those roundup items that you “add to cart” as soon as you add to the post ;)

9. Oval Stone Dangle Earrings ($48): Color block 3D printed earrings? Swoon! This bold pair proves that 3D printed jewelry can be colorful without looking cartoon-y.

10. MyBF Necklace_BLK ($134): We’re blown away by this chic skeletal structure. It’s a clever way to get glam without the sparkle.

11. Radiolaria Bracelet ($55): Finally! A cuff bracelet that’s not clunky in the slightest. The open oval “scales” on this bracelet make it appear as light as a feather.

12. Skeleton Yellow Gold Faceted Geometric Ring ($70): Geo jewelry lovers, if you haven’t freaked out over this roundup yet, now’s the time to let loose. ‘Cause this faceted, gold plated ring is all that.

13. Cluster Pendant ($60): The level of precision that 3D printers are able to achieve is mind blowing. This cluster pendant really is something to behold.

14. O.vulgaris Ring ($137): Yep you guys! This cute little octopus ring was totally 3D printed. It’s so pristinely polished that it looks like something you’d buy from Anthropologie.

15. Earrings 13 ($8): These kaleidoscope-cut drop earrings could be added seamlessly to just about any lady’s jewelry collection. And at such a low price, why wouldn’t you?

16. Smooth Ball Necklace ($72): If real pearls are just a tad out of your price range, why not opt for these 3D printed baubles instead? When they’re layered on in neutral colors, they look tres chic.

17. Radiolaria Earrings ($40): If you couldn’t already tell, we’re beyond obsessed with Nervous System’s 3D printed bling. These stainless steel wing-shaped earrings are beyond angelic.

18. Neon Yellow Butterfly Necklace ($60): Look closely: there’s a butterfly hiding in the intricately curved patterns of this 3D printed necklace. We love that this feminine design comes in a slew of filament colors, including this dope neon yellow.

19. Wave Bangle ($50): The otherworldly curves of this wave bangle look like they’ve been drawn by a delicate hand, not by a microwave-sized machine. 3D printing FTW!

20. Diamond Cluster Necklace ($400): This diamond cluster necklace might be one of the most show-stopping pieces we’ve ever seen. Would you throw down for such a statement? Ya know…you could always try to print your own :)

Tell us about your favorite piece of 3D jewelry. Did you print it yourself? Use a platform like Meshu? Or are you content to buy it ready-to-wear? Tell us in the comments below.