Listen up ya’ll! Have you checked out our beautifully designed gem guide yet? It is a must download and hang-immediately-in-your-home type of task. There is no denying we’re crazy for gems here at Brit + Co. From their beauty to their healing powers, everyone is loving raw jewels. We’ll teach you three ways to turn those stones into pendants for your next statement necklace. Let’s get making!



– raw Quartz

– raw Aventurine

– raw Amethyst

– jewelry chain

– 25-gauge gold wire

– clasps + jump rings

– cord ends

– leather

– E6000

– gold bails





Wire-wrapped raw Quartz Necklace


One of the easiest ways to turn a stone into a pendant is wrapping it in thin gold wire.


Use a dab of E6000 to hold the end of the wire in place, and then start wrapping. Tuck the end of the wire into the grouping near the glue. Let dry for 30 minutes.


Use a separate piece of wire and attach to the sides of the grouping. Twist the wire together to form a loop.


Attach a jump ring through the wire hoop and then string in your chain.


We love this chain, but it is too delicate for our jump rings. To attach the clasp and jump ring to the chain we used a small piece of our wire and created another wire wrap.


Pair your raw gem with jeweled tones for an extreme pop. Quartz is said to bring power, clarity and energy. We will be rocking this raw Quartz necklace all year. Don’t have time to make one? Grab one here!

Hooked Raw Amethyst Necklace


Use pliers to bend the jewelry bails into the shape of a hook. Glue onto the stone with E6000. Let dry for at least 30 minutes. Attach jump rings and your chain.


This was another thin chain, so we used the wire-wrapping technique to attach the clasp.


This is definitely a statement gem. Pair it with a basic white blouse to demand attention. Amethyst is known as a meditative and healing stone. Don’t have time to make one for yourself? Lucky for you we have a great alternative in our shop!

Leather-bound Aventurine Necklace


This stone was a new one for us. We picked it up because we loved its frosty mint color.


We saved the easiest method for last. Cut out an appropriate size of leather and glue onto your stone using E6000. Let dry for at least 30 minutes.


This chain required cord ends. Attach using pliers and slide the chain through the leather loop.


Once again, wear light-colored stones against a jewel toned ensemble for that ultimate wardrobe pop. We are in love with Aventurine — you know why? It is said to help in all areas of creativity and imagination, as well as intellect and mental clarity. It enhances prosperity and friendship, and brings career success.


You’ll never have to worry again about a stone not having a hole for beading. Here are three easy tricks for getting that beauty onto a chain.


Power, healing, and friendship. *Kisses*


What raw stone would you like to wear in a necklace? Tell us in the comments below!