Get pumped: 3D printed jewelry just got a heck of a lot more wearable—think effortlessly flexible, fluid, and comfortable (finally!). That’s what you get with Kinematics, a stunning 3D printed jewelry line and corresponding customization app from the design studio Nervous System. And while the jewelry itself is seriously jaw dropping, the technology behind it will blow your mind.

Kinematics is a 4D printing process that allows you to turn nearly any three-dimensional model into a flexible structure through 3D printing—even objects larger than a 3D printer can be printed in one piece thanks to this technology (watch the video to check out the simulation process). These printed structures are complex: each is made up of anywhere from 10’s to 1000’s of unique components, which create insanely intricate patterns that would wow anyone with a modern aesthetic. During the printing process, each triangular element is connected by hinges that allow the solid pieces to drape like fabric and mold to the body’s contours. This means that you can finally describe 3D printed jewelry as elegant and actually mean it.

As you can imagine, the Kinematics jewelry collection is just that. Each piece is made of polished, 3D printed nylon and weighs next to nothing—even the bigger pieces weight just one ounce. You can choose from a handful of drop earrings and cuff-style bracelets, but the real stunners in our opinion are the bib necklaces. The labyrinth-like patterns are most noticeable on these larger pieces, where you can actually see the variance in shapes—some are more rigid and crystal-like, while others are smoother and less dense. Most pieces retail for less than $100.

But what we’re most excited about with Kinematics is that you can design your own pieces on their online app. The customization tools don’t just adjust specifics like size, color, and style, but they also let you play with density, a tool that warps the jewelry to your liking right before your very eyes. Since your edits morph each piece, you can rest assured you’re making something that’s truly one-of-a-kind. You can either buy these personalized orders from Kinematics, or if you have a desktop 3D printer on hand, you could print a design yourself. It’s just the latest advancement that showcases the amazing potential of 3D printing.

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