There’s no denying it: Here at Brit + Co., we have a thing for sweet, decadent and savory morsels. And if we can get away with calling them guilt-free, even better. And that’s exactly what we’re doing with these 15 healthy pie recipes (and pie alternatives) that deliver on flavor while cutting the calories. So whether your pie craving strikes at breakfast, snack time, dinner or dessert, we’re all about to get pie high.

1. Healthy Pie Crust: The basis for any healthy pie is a waistline-friendly crust. Using olive oil in place of butter and adding grains and nuts are just a few of the easy ways to get your nutrients without sacrificing on flavor. (via Everyday Health)

2. Pumpkin Pie: The creaminess comes from oat, flax and coconut, so you’ll get your grains while satisfying your dessert cravings. (via Chocolate Covered Katie)

3. Cherry Berry Crumble Pie: This fruity pie has 28% less fat than a traditional cherry pie. We like the sound of that. (via Picky Eater Blog)

4. Vegetable Quiche: A veggie-packed quiche is the most nutrient- and protein-rich pie we can imagine. And this one is no exception. (via Kath Eats)

5. Crustless Spinach and Feta Pie: With loads of vitamins and nutrients, this savory pie has Popeye written all over it. (via Skinny Taste)

6. Applesauce Pie: It’s like apple pie, but with less sugar — and less work. (via Simply Real Health)

7. Dairy-Free Pot Pie: All the vegetables you could ask for with a crust that’s flavorful and lean. Eat up! (via Milk Free Mom)

8. Strawberry Oatmeal Pie: This delicious and crunchy strawberry pie has zero added sugar. Instead, it’s naturally sweetened with coconut and honey. (via Diethood)

9. Reverse Individual Apple Pie: These single-serving pie cups are packed with high-fiber oats… and they keep portions in check… and they’re freaking adorable. (via Made Just Right)

10. Spiced Quinoa Pie Parfait: Use apples as the recipe suggests or swap in your favorite fruit to make this saturated fat-free pie parfait entirely your own. (via How Sweet It Is)

11. Key Lime Avocado Pie: Craziness, we know. The creaminess of this citrusy pie comes from one of our favorite superfoods: avocado. (via Books Hawaii)

12. Peanut Butter Pie: Low in saturated fat and high in protein? Does that mean we can have two slices? We’re going to go with yes. (via My Recipes)

13. Mini Pie Pockets: We kind of have a thing for handhelds. And these single serving pie pockets will only set you back 110 calories. The recipe can be replicated with just about any fruit filling. (via Picky Eater Blog)

14. Chocolate Banana Fudge Pie: Paleos, this one’s for you. (via Living Healthy with Chocolate)

15. Chocolate Pecan Pie: Yes, there is such a thing as sinless chocolate pecan pie. We’re just as surprised — and delighted — as you are. (via Elana’s Pantry)

Do you count yourself among the pie obsessed? Share your favorite recipes below. (Bonus points if they’re healthy!)