Sweet pies, like caramel apple or banana cream, usually get all the credit in the *pie* category. But we have news for you: Savory pies have some serious game too. Believe it or not, they can even take the place of your usual steak dinner and fit right in as the ultimate comfort food. You can even up your brunch game if you serve a savory pie. The best part though? There are tons of veggie options if you鈥檙e not into that carnivore lifestyle. If you haven鈥檛 yet indulged in this amazing delicacy, then you鈥檝e been missing out for too long. Trust us 鈥 you need these 12 savory pie recipes in your weekly meal plan, like, ASAP.


1. Beef Pot Pie: This is a beefed-up version of the classic pot pie. The hearty veggies and rich sauce wrapped up in a flakey pie crust is nothing short of irresistible. (via Good Dinner Mom)


2. Chicken, Green Chile and Potato Pie: This recipe might win the award for most unique ingredient. We鈥檝e never used green chiles in a pie, but given they鈥檙e paired with potatoes, chicken and two cups of cheese, we鈥檙e willing to bet it鈥檚 fantastic. (via The Wicked Noodle)


3. Easy Quiche Recipe With Asparagus, Mushrooms and Cheddar: Quiche might be one of the best brunch foods out there, but when you pile it high with veggies and top it with bacon (OMG!), it becomes a must-eat dish. Don鈥檛 forget to try it as a make-ahead breakfast or breakfast for dinner. (via The Kittchen)


4. Chicken Florentine Phyllo Pie: Anything made with phyllo dough means we鈥檙e on board pretty much immediately. The buttery layered dough is great for sweet or, in this case, savory dishes. (via Diethood)


5. Chicken Pot Pie: Ah, the traditional chicken pot pie. It鈥檚 the ultimate comfort food and a staple for pre-holiday get-togethers. This particular chicken pot pie makes us wish we could have puff pastry for every meal. (via Loverly Little Kitchen)


6. Garden Vegetable Pie: This pie is straight-up veggies and cheese, plus a bit of mayo. Make this tasty meal the next time your vegetarian friends come for a visit and everyone will be happily stuffed at the end of the night. (via Tastes Better from Scratch)


7. Handheld Ham and Cheese Pie: Imagine running out the door in the morning and grabbing a Brie-filled Pop Tart as an on-the-go meal. Talk about a classy breakfast! (via Eat the Love)


8. Irish Potato Pie: We鈥檙e always down for a double dose of carbs when you combine crust and potatoes. Also: bacon. Can鈥檛 go wrong with bacon. (via A Spicy Perspective)


9. Double Crust Chicken Pot Pie: This chicken pot pie recipe doubles up on the *best* part of the dish: the crust! It鈥檚 also made from scratch, so be prepared for the compliments to come rolling in. (via Sally鈥檚 Baking Addiction)


10. Vegetable Ricotta Pie Recipe: This veggie-filled pie is held together with loads of creamy ricotta and egg, basically making it the perfect breakfast, lunch, dinner or even snack. This recipe is exactly what you need the next time the in-laws roll into town. (via Pickled Plum)


11. Zucchini Pie: Zucchini can be made into some of the best desserts鈥 but why stop there? The savory flavors mix it up a little bit, but the layers of Parmesan, cheddar and egg make this recipe one of our new favorites. (via The Seasoned Mom)


12. Heirloom Tomato, Zucchini, Caramelized Onion and Feta Galette: By definition, a galette is a flat, round cake of pastry or bread. That sounds like pie to us! The feta and all those colorful veggies make this dish almost too pretty to eat 鈥 but we鈥檒l manage somehow. (via Foodie Crush)

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