New Year’s Resolutions are fresh in all our minds. And there’s no better time to step healthy eating up a notch! Or at the very least an excellent excuse to enjoy some pretty rocking salmon. We’ve got salmon recipes here on all levels of healthy, whether you’d like leafy greens or cheesy polenta sitting next to this favored fish. So eat up folks. There’s a big dose of those magical Omega-3s coming your way!

1. Warm Smoked Salmon and Kale Crostini: Oh kale yeah! There’s no need to feel guilty when munching on these kale based crostini. (via Taste Food Blog)

2. Smoked Salmon Tagliatelle: This spring fresh and creamy pasta is considerably lighter fare than its meatier counterparts. (via Woman & Home)

3. Lemony Pasta with Smoked Salmon and Dill: Armed with lemon, dill, and capers — this dish is sure to pack a punch. Who said healthy foods have to be boring? (via Shockingly Delicious)

4. Parchment Poached Salmon Pouches: This French-inspired dish is trés bien! When taking that first bite, sit back, relax, and picture the city of lights. (via Simply Gourmet)

5. Salmon, Créme Fraiche, and Fennel Rillettes: Wow your coworkers at the next company potluck with this divine means to munch! (via Aida Mollenkamp)

6. Stuffed Salmon with Sriracha Cream Sauce: This Sriracha cream sauce has inspired quite the following on the web. If you’ve stockpiled Sriracha (you know who you are), this may be the perfect way to share without having to give up a bottle! (via Boogie Blog, image via Gingersnaps)

7. Blackened Salmon, Cheesy Polenta, and Spicy Peach + Chard Corn Salsa: Healthy meets comfort food with this recipe. The cheesy polenta is great but doesn’t steal the show from that smoky, blackened salmon. (via Half Baked Harvest)

8. Salmon Tacos with Mango-Avocado Salsa: Whether the cold has you pining for warmer climates or you just love tacos, these little delights are worth a try. Every bite packs creamy and crispy textures all wrapped in a sweet and savory mix of flavors. (via iVillage)

9. Honey Teriyaki Glazed Salmon with Stir-Fry Veggies: Any recipe that starts with “honey teriyaki glazed” is worth trying in our book. And the one includes a nice healthy serving of veggies. (via Simply Scratch)

10. Simple Citrus Salmon: Some classics are worth eating over and over again. Citrus and salmon keep us refreshed and coming back for more. (via Apple A Day)

11. Asian Grilled Salmon Pineapple + Rice Lettuce Wraps: For nights when you want a hearty meal but not the heavy feeling that follows, whip up a batch of these wraps. After all, anything with grilled pineapple has to be good, right? (via Half Baked Harvest)

12. Grilled Salmon with Citrus Salsa Verde: Looking for a fresh take on citrus salmon? Why not try it salsa verde style! (via Food Network)

13. Smoked Salmon Pita Sandwiches: This healthy and light lunch is a great way to avoid a mid afternoon slump. (via Apple Of My Eye)

14. Sesame Encrusted Salmon Filets: In case you like your dinner to look like fine art, we’ve popped this recipe into the mix. This salmon is just as visually striking as it is delicious! (via Linda Wagner)

15. Easy Spicy Salmon Wraps: Some nights you just want something that’s easy to make. But that’s no reason to buy a box of Shake ‘n’ Bake. Try these healthy wraps instead. (via Spry Living)

16. Smoked Salmon Lasagna Rolls: Italy has a long history of loving seafood for a reason. Have you seen how much coastline they have? That alone makes this healthy combination seem like the perfect ode to Italy. (via The Healthy Foodie)

17. Salmon with Quinoa Feta and Spinach: You can never have too much feta, or at least that’s how we feel. So grab a fork and dig in. It’s good for you. (via A Healthy Life for Me)

18. Salmon Puff Tarts: It’s always a good idea to keep a lighter appetizer on the food table. Think of it as helping out the friends who are trying to keep their resolutions. (via Chat ‘n’ Chow)

19. Salmon and Spinach Torte: If you’re looking for a healthier version of a meat pie, here’s something to consider. Sure it’s not super healthy, but baby steps people, baby steps. (via Cooking in Sens)

20. Salmon Risotto: No recipe roundup is complete without a risotto recipe. Make it even lighter by using low-sodium broth and a little less cheese. (via Double The Fun)

21. Salmon Chowder: Picture this, it’s snowing outside, and you’ve just slogged through the snow again. Time to warm up with some silky salmon chowder! (via Taste Food)

22. Salmon en Papillote : In case the Parisian in you is squealing for a more traditional en papillote, we’ve got you covered. Just don’t eat the paper! (via The Internet Chef)

23. Soba Noodles + Seared Salmon in Ginger-Green Onion Broth: It’s chicken noodle soup with more fish! But really this soup is perfect for those who love noodles, mmmmm. (via Taste Williams-Sonoma)

24. Chipotle Honey Glazed Salmon Tacos: It’s a well-known fact: A little spice goes a long way in killing cravings. So grab a fork and get a mouthful of some delectably spicy salmon. (via Little Leopard Book)

25. Pan Seared Honey Glazed Salmon + Browned Butter Lime Sauce: Browned-butter lime sauce sounds delicious and fancy to boot. If this truly is the best salmon that Cooking Classy has ever eaten, then you’re in for a treat! (via Cooking Classy)

26. Smoked Salmon and Avacado Rollups: Looking to cut carbs but love a good sandwich? Why not try a flavor-packed salmon wrap, your stomach will thank you. (via The Pescatarian and The Pig)

27. Oven Steamed Salmon with Blueberry Balsamic Reduction: Fruit and fish, who knew? Turns out that this unlikely combo is a match made in heaven. (via Domestic Fits)

28. Salmon and Cucumber Tartare with Wasabi Sauce: More little bites to share with others. Make sure your salmon is nice and fresh for this petite tartare. (via New York Times)

29. Salmon and Strawberry Kiwi Salsa: Though strawberries for dinner may seem like a bad idea, we think you’ll come around to this unique combo. (via Two Fat Als)

30. Salmon Burgers with Cilantro Mayo: For those who just can’t stand the thought of giving up their burgers, why not try these nutrient packed salmon burgers! (via Cooking & Beer)

What’s your favorite way to make salmon? Let us know in the comments!