Apparently red-bottomed heels are so last year. Now there’s a new trend in the high heel game, and it requires a little bit of creativity with everyday items. While we’re all about making things in the home, these pumps may just be a little more fun over function.


This new hashtag-able shoe trend (#heelconcept) was started by @m.sty with a couple of belts back in December, and ever since, guys + gals have been taking ordinary household products and turning them into heels worthy of NYFW. But not on the runways of NYFW, because these look impossible to walk in. Especially that broken glass, yikes!


This handmade footwear trend may seem outrageous (okay, it totally is), but that’s kind of what the creator of heel concept had in mind. Misty Pollen saw the idea as a sort of meme and told WWD the concept is a way to express “personal adornment through the logic of social media.” The foot meme is definitely an outlet for expression + creativity, as these (wo)man-made pumps are produced with everything from grapes + eggs to balloons + blowdryers. Basically everything but the kitchen sink. Well, at least no one’s used a kitchen sink yet.


Participants in the meme are so engaged — seriously, there’s some real artistry in these images — because they really enjoy the DIY element of this trend (Hi, we totally get that!). UX designer Ulysses Pascal, an Instagrammer who has joined the heel movement, expressed his love for its maker aspect by telling WWD, “Unlike other memes where you have to go to a computer and use Photoshop to make something, with heel concept all you need is the stuff around you.” We totally support that idea. Make on, heel makers.

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(h/t BuzzFeed, photos via @ejrsoft, @m.sty, @robvincep, @artsxdesign, @morgan_elder, @jeff_alexander_i, @kobosinner, @andcoldwind and @emilieand)