Whether we’re stuck in a crowded airport or standing next to the speakers at a concert, we’re always dreaming of controlling the sounds around us. Now Doppler Labs is giving us total control over our ears. They’ve created Here, a wireless earbud system and smartphone app that allows you to control what and how you hear. Finally, you can tweak your audio environment to your personal preference.

The Digital Signal Processor in the buds acts as your own personal studio, allowing you to control the sounds around you. Doppler Labs and their team have created algorithms to turn down specific frequencies while sending other sounds to the forefront. You can tune out the annoying sounds while amplifying all the things you DO want to hear.

Reduce white noise. Tune out that crying baby. Whatever your desire, Here makes it possible. If you attend a concert or go to a club, you can even boost bass or add reverb as if you were mixing live. Much like the filters of Instagram, Here allows you selectively enhance your world through volume, EQ and effects. With a battery life of six hours, you can wear those earbuds to anything and not worry about them dying on you.

If you want your own pair of Here earbuds before their Kickstarter campaign ends, just donate $179 to be one of the first to receive the Here Active Listening Sound System. You’ll also get a t-shirt that shows you are an original backer of this incredible project. We’re hoping Here will become the wave of the future.

Do you think you would use an active listening system? Tell us why you would or would not in the comments below.

(Photos courtesy of Doppler Labs)