In decades past, sound systems required their own special shelf and took up a lot of room. Thankfully we’ve come a long way in terms of tech and home decor. (After all, music and style have long gone hand in hand.) Now, listening to your favorite tunes through high-quality speakers doesn’t mean junking up your living space. We’ve rounded up some of the prettiest speakers money can buy for your listening and viewing pleasure. You’ll want to have a party just to show them off.

1. Giant Gem Speaker ($40): Here’s a sweet speaker that’s a good pick for when you’re chilling out at home or picnicking in the park. It’s cute and can play for 12 hours continuously without losing power.

2. Aether Cone ($399): We’re a sucker for anything dipped in gold, or in this case, copper. And this sound system adds the Midas touch without taking up a lot of room, making it perfect for small living spaces (or clutter-phobes). It boasts Bluetooth technology, an 8-hour battery life and voice command technology.

3. Beats Pill ($200): There’s a reason celebrities are obsessed with Beats: You really can’t beat the quality. The one shown here is a limited edition, with a geometric print designed by Barry McGee. If this one doesn’t fit your color scheme, there are plenty of others to choose from.

4. Tivoli Audio ($150): If your style is a little more retro, Tivoli Audio will totally fit your aesthetic. They have a range of products from colorful portable speakers to headphones with faux-wood paneling. But our pick is definitely this old-school tabletop radio, which has been featured in Elle and Forbes.

5. Geneva World Radio ($200): Add a pop of color to your bedroom, living room or kitchen with this Bluetooth radio/alarm clock/speaker system. You can play traditional radio on it, but it will also stream Pandora, Spotify or Songza.

6. Triple C BluBOOM Speaker ($81): If you’re primarily playing music for yourself at home, this little guy is really all you need. The wood has a minimalist feel, so it complements your decor without making a “look at me” statement. Understated and stylish FTW.

7. Beolit 15 ($599): This portable speaker not only has 360 degree sound, but the bottom is made of rubber so you can set it on an uneven surface and it won’t slide off. And of course at this price point, it connects to virtually any device using the latest Bluetooth technology — and the sound quality is superb. Plus, how genius is that shelf on top?

8. People People Transparent Speaker ($850): Made of glass, metal and plastic, this sound system gives the illusion that the speakers are floating. The USB port makes it easy to connect your computer or phone, so you can blast your favorite playlists throughout the house.

9. Sol Republic Deck Wireless Speaker ($215): Sol Republic and Motorola teamed up to create this trendy looking speaker with full 360 surround sound. And by connecting with up to five smartphones at a time, playing DJ becomes a collaborative group activity.

10. Bose Sound Link Color Bluetooth Speaker ($130): This cute, colorful speaker may look small, but this baby gets loud. The Bluetooth technology makes it perfect for parties — play DJ from your computer or phone with just the click of a button.

Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comments.