Across the country, thousands of students are planning on walking out in support of the survivors of the Parkland, Florida shooting one month ago that killed 17. Today’s school walkouts are the first in a series of protests planned in the aftermath of Parkland, and here’s everything you need to know about today’s action.

Having started at 10am, and continuing at 10am in each local time zone, students marched out of their classrooms. The walkouts will last for 17 minutes in honor of the lives lost at Parkland.

Students from schools already affected by gun violence will be joining the Parkland protests as well. Students from Columbine and Newtown are expected to walk out, with the kids from Columbine also planning 30 seconds of silence in remembrance of victims both at their school and Parkland.

While coverage has been — and will continue to be — extensive, media company Viacom decided to suspend programming on all its networks, including MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, BET, Logo, and others.

“This generation continues to be the driving force for change,” said Viacom Executive Vice President of Global Inclusion Marva Smalls.

“With more than 17 young people dying from gun violence every single day, unfortunately, no community is safe,” Smalls continued. “We believe it’s critical to support the inspiring efforts of our youth, who are literally fighting for their lives. Viacom also has a responsibility to our audiences to do everything we can to elevate the many brave and bold activists to help them extend the reach and impact of their voices in this important movement.”

While many school districts are embracing the national mobilization, some, like one school board in Texas, are warning students that they will be penalized for protesting.

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(Photo via Alex Wong/Getty)