Sorry, GagaStans.

We were all totally shocked when we watched Lady Gaga jump off the roof of the NRG Stadium during her Super Bowl halftime show, and many of us were wondering just how she managed to pull off such an incredible stunt. While the star was subtly political as she took to the stage, the performance was an in-your-face greatest hits performance unlike any other. Her performance was so good, in fact, that the only thing people are complaining about is her body (but thanks to fans, these trolls are being shut down in the best way).

At the time, we were blown away by the stunt because it’s something we’ve never seen before. Now, Super Bowl LI attendees are sharing video of exactly how Gaga pulled off this trick, and we’re not even mad at knowing the secret.

Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl LI Halftime Show

Like us, you probably thought that Gaga really did jump off the roof of the NRG Stadium in Houston. It certainly looked like she did. Jumping off the roof and down into the center of the stadium looked terrifying and incredible, but video posted by fans in the stands is showing that Gaga actually hung suspended from the middle of the roof waiting for her pre-recorded opening to finish.

Yep, that’s right! Some incredible planning and nerves of steel gave us one of the best moments in pop culture history. Knowing how this stunt was pulled off doesn’t even make us mad, either. It’s pretty ingenious, when you think about it. We’re pretty sure just hanging off of the roof of the dome suspended 200 feet in the air is, in and of itself, challenging enough, never mind making sure that the mega famous singer on the end of the wires nails her performance.

Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl LI Halftime Show

Knowing how they pulled this stunt off is making us want to go back and watch the entire performance again (for the 10th time!). Talk about Super Bowl magic!

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(h/t Total Sports; photos via Larry Busacca, Christopher Polk/Getty)