As of late, there have been many conflicting reports on the use of dry shampoo. Some dermatologists have argued we鈥檙e overusing it, and others claim that if we wash our hair too much, it鈥檚 bad for us. While the jury is still out on what鈥檚 *truly* best for our tresses, we have to admit 鈥 we love the ability to use a bit of dry shampoo now and again to get our hair up to snuff (especially if it鈥檚 greasy) or help us achieve a specific hairstyle. We鈥檝e even become dry shampoo hack experts, finding simple little tricks like using it the night before. Now, thanks to Stranded鈥檚 new dry shampoo, we鈥檝e got even more reason to skip the shower.

Created by two women in need of a better dry shampoo, Stranded is tinted to match blondes, brunettes and redheads. Using nothing but ingredients found in nature (and without man-made additives), Stranded is not only beautifully packaged, but it also gets rid of the issue of white powder residue left in your hair thanks to the natural colors added to each hair type.

Better still, it has safe ingredients that are also vegan friendly, sulfate- and paraben-free. Amid many dry shampoos on the market that come in an aerosol can, we鈥檙e loving the fact that this powder is easy on the environment. What鈥檚 more, the makers of Stranded say their dry shampoo is actually beneficial to your hair and scalp rather than harmful, as it鈥檚 made with tapioca powder and Kaolin powder (an ingredient often found in face masks).

While we have yet to see a Stranded powder for non-white hair types, we鈥檙e hoping that the company can expand to include darker hair colors and non-white hair textures in the future. In the meantime, we鈥檒l keep relishing in the simplicity of the packaging and the simple message the brand is sharing, along with the fact that they鈥檙e giving a part of their proceeds to co-founder Lauren Skruggs Kennedy鈥檚 foundation (which helps fund beautiful prosthetic coverings for girls and women (she lost part of her arm in an accident). YAS!

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