For years, we鈥檝e followed the life of Disney Channel star, musician, and mom Hilary Duff. The actress鈥檚 vibrant LA home makeover was recently featured on the February 2018 cover of Better Homes & Gardens, and let鈥檚 just say it鈥檚 one more project that鈥檚 got our full attention. In her house refresh, the actress uses lots of eye-catching patterns and colors to create a space that鈥檚 fun and fab. We caught up with the designers of the project, Shannon Wollack and Brittany Zwickl of Studio Lifestyle, to get the scoop on everything that went into it. Scroll down to see more!


鈥淗ilary had a lot of her own creative ideas and was willing to take risks, so we had a lot of fun collaborating together,鈥 Wollack and Zwickl say. From flamboyant kitchen tiles to a kaleidoscope wall piece (see it in all its glory below), every item used reflected Duff鈥檚 style 鈥 and the team鈥檚. 鈥淟uckily, all of our ideas were within the same realm so we didn鈥檛 have to persuade Hilary one way or the other,鈥 the duo says.

Hilary Duff 3
Hilary 5

When it came to choosing products, functionality played a big role in the selection process. (Duff is, after all, mom to five-year-old son Luca.) But that didn鈥檛 mean playing with colors and cool vibes was off-limits, especially in the most used rooms of her home. 鈥淲e had a lot of fun with both the formal living room and the kitchen,鈥 the designers say. 鈥淎nd although the kitchen is very playful with blue cabinets, and the formal living room is very feminine with the curvy furniture, we purchased investment pieces that are built so they can last in the home.鈥

Hilary 6
Hilary 4

Of course, even in a project this fun, there are bound to be favorites, and Duff certainly had hers. 鈥淗ilary came to us with a photo of wallpaper that she was obsessed with, and with the help of our resources, we were able to source the exact wallpaper and install it in her bedroom,鈥 say the designers.

This bright and cheery home reno is the ultimate inspiration, and just the motivation we need to bring our own spaces to life!

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(Photos via Better Homes & Gardens/Justin Coit)