If you were anything like us, Hilary Duff鈥檚 album Metamorphosis was basically your middle school JAM. I mean, if we鈥檙e being totally honest, we still know most (okay all) the words to 鈥淪o Yesterday.鈥 And although Hilary has released a few albums since that 2003 classic, she鈥檚 definitely seen more success in the acting world. However, from what we can conclude from a mysterious Snapchat Hilary posted yesterday, it appears as though she鈥檚 getting back in touch with her musical side.

While the video isn鈥檛 much to look at, you can distinctly hear Hilary鈥檚 voice singing in the background to a track we鈥檝e yet to hear before. Hilary鈥檚 last album was released almost exactly a year ago, so this would definitely be soon to release something new, but hey, if Hil wants to gift us a summer jam, we won鈥檛 complain.

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(Photo via Kevin Winter/Getty)