You know it and we know it, and we’re proud of it: We are major office supply geeks. Give us stickie notes, thumbtacks and rubber bands and see what happens! A major favorite here is paper clips, whose versatility in crafting and DIY are endless. If you’re ready to step it up a level to fine jewelry, though, we know just the place to get the fanciest, prettiest paper clip jewelry — Hillier London.

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From one half of the design duo behind MMJ (formerly Marc by Marc Jacobs), Hillier London is fun, quirky jewelry done simple — just the way we like it. Katie Hillier’s sense of humor comes through in the diamond-studded pieces, which come in everything from original paper clip shapes to alphabet letters to bunny rabbits and stars.

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Bracelets, earrings, rings and necklaces are available in a range of white gold, rose gold and more. At the highest end, you can get the styles in ombre rainbow diamonds. While Hillier London isn’t available for sale just yet in the US, we have a feeling it will be soon thanks to exposure from fans like Leandra Medine and Kate Bosworth. For now, if you’re dying to have a piece of this cheeky jewelry, you can buy online here.

Which style would you invest in? Tell us in the comments!