Folks have been getting crafty with office supplies for decades. Perhaps it’s the desire to be creative even at the office, or maybe just the plethora of free materials found in your office’s copy room. Whatever it is, we’re all for it! Regular old clear tape has become a go-to for DIY nail art across the web, pencil erasers are now known for being the best polka dot stamps around, and we’ve found 60 other ways that fellow DIYers have been repurposing their office supplies for the greater creative good. Check ’em out!

1. Post-It Piñata: It was love at first sight between us and this piñata. This would be a great prop for engagement photos or a fun addition to a Valentine’s Day party. (via Brooklyn Bride)

2. Neon Flag Frame: Embrace the neon trend on the cheap by using those extra Post-It flags and some Mod Podge to turn a plain frame into a statement piece. (via Mod Podge Rocks)

3. Origami Post-It Box: These boxes won’t hold much, but they are adorable and they’ll add a pop of color to your desk. (via Instructables)

4. Post-It Pinwheels: These are incredibly easy to make and look so crazy cool that we might have to start using them to decorate… just about everything! (via Smart School House)

5. Valentine’s Wall Art: Wear your heart on your wall with this incredibly easy decor idea. Experiment with other shapes and colors for customizable wall art year round! (via Pepper + Buttons)

6. Pixelated Backdrop: We’re definitely into the 80’s vibe and bright colors of this awesome photo backdrop. (via Lovely Indeed)

7. Thumbtack Globe: Got an old globe sitting around that doesn’t even have the right countries on it anymore? Turn it into a statement piece by adding thumbtacks! (via Madigan Made)

8. Thumbtack Sunburst Mirror: Who knew office supply decor could be so classy? We’re totally digging this mirror upgrade. (via Kara Paslay Designs)

9. Thumbtack Vase Fillers: If your leftover thumbtacks are all different colors, don’t worry! Poke them into a Styrofoam ball and then get out the spray paint to get pretty vase fillers to match your decor. (via Landee See, Landee Do)

10. Gold Wall Art: Get a little bit glitzy with some brass thumbtacks and a canvas to deck out your walls with some seriously easy art. (via Brit + Co.)

11. Washi Thumbtacks: Want to use your office supplies as, I don’t know, office supplies? Prettify your memo board by adding some washi tape to your thumbtacks and you’ll be the envy of all your co-workers. (via Callaloo Soup)

12. Studded Wedges: Add some edge to your wedges with those extra thumbtacks. Inspired by some Jeffrey Campbell platforms that run about $150, this pair cost about $20 to make! (via Suze Geeks Out)

13. Gold Wreath: Welcome your guests with an impressive wreath. While this tutorial uses brass thumbtacks, we’re betting you could spray paint it whatever color you like. (via Our Bella Vida)

14. Thumbtack Typography: Add a little personality to your decor with this pretty typography project. Also, how punny and adorable is this text? (via Things Bright)

15. Carpet-Inspired Wall Art: This is a great piece of art that embraces the bright colors of leftover thumbtacks and uses it to create a cool carpet-inspired pattern. (via We Make Carpets)

16. Thumbtack Pumpkin: Is it almost fall already? As you’re preparing for your fall decor, keep this fun little project in mind. We’re loving the chevron! (via Oops! I Craft My Pants)

17. Floppy Disk Pen Holder: Turn old office supplies into a place to store new office supplies! You knew you were holding on to those old floppies for a reason, right? (via Mikhael Shcherbakov on Flickr)

18. Ethernet Key Organizer: If your setup is all wireless, don’t let those ethernet cords and ports go to waste! Make keychains from the cords and you’ll have a built in storage space for your keys. (via Instructables)

19. Floppy Disk Notebook: The pretty colors and the vintage tech might make these our new favorite place to jot down our ideas. (via Instructables)

20. Floppy Disk Planters: Add a little ‘90s vibe to your gardening with these vintage tech planters. (via Brit + Co.)

21. Rubber Band Gift Wrap: Those colorful rubber bands become a cool pattern that’ll help you up your gift wrap game. (via Whimsey Box)

22. Rubber Band Wrapped Cuff: Color block a boring bracelet by adding a layer of funky rubber bands. (via Delighted Momma)

23. Rubber Band Party Streamers: This is basically the grownup version of making daisy chains: fun and mindless to put together, but the result is stunning! (via The Bottomsup Blog)

24. Turn Rubber Bands into Striped Stamps: Rubber bands help you make perfect stripes for upgrading some plain paper or envelopes into custom stationery. (via Sas + Rose)

25. Rubber Band Chain Necklace and Bracelet: Who knew that rubber band chains could look so chic? We’re loving the bright colors and would probably pair this combo with a black tee to make them pop! (via From Rags to Couture)

26. Rubber Band Pencil Holder: A pretty striped pencil holder that lets you use up all of those different sized rubber bands you have lying around. The more variety in sizes, the more interesting the pattern! (via The Basics)

27. Belted Totes: Brads add a professional touch to these DIY belted storage totes that are easy to make and help you organize your things. (via Brit + Co.)

28. Studded Clutch Using Brads: Can you believe the studs on this clutch are actually brads? They look so cool and would make a great accent piece for a simple outfit. (via Elemental Carbon)

29. Paper Fastener Wrap Bracelets: Another brads-as-studs project, these bracelets mix bright colors with a little bit of edge and are the perfect accessories for a casual day about town. (via Creme de la Craft)

30. Leather Collar: Refresh your wardrobe with a pretty collar that will help make a feminine top a little trendier. (via Creme de la Craft)

31. Arrow Bookmark: Keep your page, and your place on the page, with this bright arrow bookmark made using a paper clip and polymer clay. (via Making Lovely)

32. Christmas Cards: A crafty take on Christmas cards, these are the perfect way to get your holi-DIY on. (via Paper, Plate, and Plane)

33. Washi Bookmarks: Add a bit of washi tape to a spare paper clip and you’ve got a pretty bookmark. (via Brit + Co.)

34. Paper Clip Jewelry: Paper clip jewelry sounds questionable, but this geometric design actually comes out looking super trendy! (via How About Orange)

35. Statement Necklace: This is definitely more on the crafty side, but would help add a little glitz and some DIY energy to a simple jeans and tee look. (via Glitter ‘N Glue)

36. Wrapped Earrings: No one will ever guess these earrings were made with paper clips! Wrap with pretty colors of string and fun designs and it will be our little secret ;) (via With One Hand Waving Free)

37. Binder Clip Cable Organizer: Keep your cables organized with binder clips! If you wanted to take this up a notch, you could add some washi tape to the clips in a nice pattern to add a bit of decoration to your function. (via Hardware Sphere)

38. Heart Chain Bracelet: If you’ve gone mostly paperless, you probably don’t have a lot of use for your extra staples. Turn them into a lovely bracelet with this fun tutorial! (via Instructables)

39. Tiered Pendant: If your leftover staples are still intact, turn them into a gorgeous pendant. Combine ombre and geometric shapes for the ultimate trend piece. (via Tamed Raven)

40. Pencil Dish Rack: This is perfect for all those half-used pencils you’ve got cluttering up your drawers: turn them into an uber useful dish rack! (via Re_)

41. Pencil Pencil Holder: Is this meta enough for you? This is a fun and super easy way to organize your supplies! (via Brit + Co.)

42. Triangular Stamps: Add a pretty bunting pattern to your paper goods by turning your pencil eraser into a simple triangular stamp. (via Creature Comforts)

43. Pencil Eraser Earring Backs: Lose an earring back in the middle of the day? Never fear, office hacks are here! Simply cut off a disc of your eraser to keep from losing your bling. (via Real Simple)

44. Polka Dot Stamps: We’re loving the printed jean trend, and you can easily make your own polka dotted version using a pencil eraser as a stamp. But don’t limit yourself to jeans — feel free to polka dot anything (and everything)! (via Brit + Co.)

45. Pencil Clock: This would be a great present for a teacher or a quirky desk ornament. All you need is a clock kit, pencils, and some wood glue. (via Brit + Co.)

46. Colored Pencil Jewelry: Put those old art materials to a gorgeous new use with some colorful and whimsical jewelry. (via Brit + Co.)

47. Mini Christmas Tree: If you’ve only got the space for a Charlie Brown Christmas tree this year, try making your own! This is a unique way to deck out your desk for the holidays or the perfect holiday decor for a writer’s loft. (via Recreate Design Company)

48. Dotty Envelope Liners: Color on your old reinforcements and you’ve got an easy way to add a pattern to the inside of boring envelopes.(via Blog A La Cart)

49. Chic Bubble Wrap Mailer iPad Case: Turn an unused bubble mailer into a stylish way to protect your tech. (via Creme de la Craft)

50. Wall Art: Use your unused labels to create some awesome modern art for your space. The only limits are your creativity! (via How About Orange)

51. Newspaper iPad Mini Case: Another protect your tech accessory, this project upcycles a bubble mailer and a newspaper into a one-of-a-kind case. (via Brit + Co.)

52. Polka Dot Treat Bags: Ombre? Upcycling? Under 30 minutes? You know we’re in for this project. (via Studio DIY)

53. Fabric Smartphone Case: The ultimate office supply, your smartphone will feel right at home in this case made from fabric and mailing supplies. (via Brit + Co.)

54. Zip Tie Pendant Lamp: These zip ties end up creating a kind of fringe on this lamp. Plus neon + ombre = awesome. Oh and did we mention the base of the shade is a wire trash can? This might be the coolest repurposing project we’ve ever seen and is definitely a conversation piece. (via Mad in Crafts)

55. Composition Book iPad Case: We’re loving the analog meets digital vibe of this iPad cover. (via Lil Blue Boo)

56. File Stand for Kitchen Organization: Cutting boards are tough to find a great way to store. Turns out, a file stand is a perfect solution! We’re fans of the kitchen/office organization crossover. (via Juxtapost)

57. Three-Ring Binder Hooks: Empty out those old three-ring binders and turn them into hooks outside for your BBQ tools or in the house for your tote bags. (via Upcycle Us)

58. Clipboard “Pinterest” Board: Get the inspiration of Pinterest IRL with this tutorial. It helps add pops of color and some motivational material to your wall. (via Brit + Co.)

59. Office Cart into Rolling Bar Cart: Okay, we’ve got to make one of these for Brit HQ! Finally, an affordable way to display all your bar essentials. (via ManMade)

60. Leather Planner or Journal: Create your own grownup version of three-ring binder by repurposing the old ones and adding some leather. This would be great for a planner (because you can change out the pages for the next year) or just a standard journal. (via Mod Toggery)

How do you repurpose office supplies? Tell us your tips and tricks in the comments below.