Nothing is better than that feeling you get after a good closet purge. We both know that you were never really going to wear that tuxedo jacket with feather embellished shoulders. But after you鈥檝e bagged up all the duds you don鈥檛 wear anymore, where do they go? With so many recycling options, we鈥檙e sure hoping that they don鈥檛 end up in the trash. Whether you send them off to Twice or trade them in for a new Reformation dress, there are so many eco-friendly (and even sometimes profitable) ways to get rid of your old clothes.


Considering a big chunk of the clothing people part with usually comes from fashion retailers, H&M decided to launch its own recycling program back in 2013. The Swedish brand launched a garment collecting initiative which asked shoppers to donate unwanted clothing items to in-store receptacles so that they could be recycled and used in future collections. Since then they鈥檝e received over 14,000 tons of clothing and have gone on to use it in their Close the Loop label which they debuted last year.


Now, Close the Loop is set to release sixteen new denim styles for men, women and kids this September. In the women鈥檚 department you鈥檒l be able to find everything from a classic denim jacket to a 鈥70s inspired jumpsuit made from recycled denim 鈥 well, mostly made from recycled denim. Currently, only about 20 percent of each garment is made using the collected clothing, but H&M says they鈥檙e working on fabric-salvaging technology that will help increase that percentage. Here鈥檚 hoping that unused 80% is still being recycled in an eco-friendly way.

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(Photos via H&M)